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  • Coogs

    The strap on the previous version was hopeless. Mine tore after short use and the response from Evans Cycles was normal wear and tear.

  • Turbo

    Love the concepts Knog deliver but the end product quality is unfortunately lacking.

  • Eat More Lard

    I’ve had a mixed experience. I’ve just replaced the rear Blinder (strap gone) after over 3 years of all year round use through particularly foul conditions in both Australia and the UK. Unfortunately, I’ve had two front 1-led blinders (backup emergency be seen light) and the strap on both of them has failed after a short period. Sure, the new replacement straps are a good idea as I hate throwing away a perfectly good light due to a broken strap (I’m sure someone could come up with a bodge?), but I expect the strap to last at least a year before I have to replace it (at my cost).

  • lerubi1

    The original strap may tear after some use, my Blinder Road Rear developed a small tear after a couple of years of frequent use (4 times a week, every week of putting it on and taking it off after every ride). A simple e-mail to Knog was all it took to get a new light in the mail, no questions asked. Great light, not so great strap, awesome customer service. And I kept using the teared-strap light and it´s still going strong, despite the tear; the replacement one is my back up when the strap eventually gives.

  • common sense

    great light, was surprised when the strap gave way, so found a large ‘O-ring’ from one of the many other cycle handlebar attachments (either a Sigma light, or an extra from the Garmin mount) cut the remaining broken silicone strap off, then simply loop the o-ring over the top mount (which has the secure plastic hook at the end) hold it in place, on the handlebar, and then stretch the o-ring so it joins up to the plastic hook. has worked for me for a number of years. these lights seem to go for ever, and i have never had the o-ring break, or lost a light, like this.

  • lefthandside

    A broken strap put me off buying another knog light. I just say my exposure tracer light has lasted much better (the strap at least). If knog can also improve the durability of the strap,not just make it replaceable, their product will be vastly improved

  • John

    I bought two front and two rear ‘original’ blinders 4 years ago. Both fronts snapped quite quickly. I came to the conclusion that stretching around a 31.8 bar was too much for the strap. On a 27.2 seatpost however the rears were still going strong 4 years later, I just never use them on 31.6 seatposts.

    Now the best part. I took all 4 back to the Knog/Cycles Galleria store in Church Street, Richmond. No proof of purchase, told them how old they were. The swapped all 4 out for the new model, even the two unbroken/still usable rear lights. GREAT SUPPORT. Maybe that’s why they don’t have money to fund their cool new ‘Oi’ bell and had to resort to Kickstarter…but regardless I’ve backed it and look forward to another aesthetically pleasing and highly functional accessory.


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