First-look review: PRO Turnix, Falcon, and Griffon saddles

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According to PRO, measurements from over one million riders were used to design its saddle range, which comprises five models and more than 30 different products with options for men and women.

PRO’s road saddle range for men comprises three models: Turnix, Falcon and Griffon. Each saddle has a distinctive shape (Griffon-round; Turnix-semi-round; Falcon-flat), with or without an anatomical cut-out, and is available in two widths, 132mm and 142mm.

Deciding on a saddle can be difficult however PRO has developed an online saddle selector to help shoppers identify a suitable model. Rider flexibility is one important factor while another is the distance between the sit-bones. Ultimately, there is no substitute for riding the real thing but PRO’s saddle selector can help to narrow the possibilities.

PRO's road saddle range (left to right): Griffon, Turnix, Falcon.
PRO’s road saddle range (left to right): Griffon, Turnix, Falcon.

PRO’s road saddles make use of a carbon-reinforced base, high-density expanded foam padding, and buyers can opt for hollow titanium or carbon rails.

All of the saddles provided for this review had hollow titanium rails with a recommended retail price of AU$149/US$120. Each saddle weighs around 200g (Turnix, 205g; Falcon, 211g; Griffon, 222g) and measures up to 28cm in length (Turnix, 28cm; Falcon, 28cm; Griffon, 27cm).

I’d characterise each of these saddles as quite firm with a minimum of padding, like many race-oriented saddles. The difference in shape was surprisingly subtle, and indeed, I found that the width had a far greater impact on the feel of each model.

The surface of the Griffon, Turnix and Falcon offered a nice blend of slip and grip for my riding shorts, so I never found myself sliding around yet I could make minor adjustments with relative ease. In short, PRO’s saddles do everything they are supposed to without any shortcomings (though durability remains to be proven).

Every road saddle is available in two widths, 132mm and 142mm.
Every road saddle is available in two widths, 132mm and 142mm.

None of the review saddles had PRO’s anatomic cut-out, so I can’t comment on whether it has any impact on the feel of the saddle. According to PRO, riders that aren’t particularly flexible are more likely to benefit from the anatomic cut-out but it remains a matter of personal preference.

While PRO offers buyers a range of options for the shape and width of the saddle, there are no options for colour (black predominates though some models are white). PRO’s branding is fairly unobtrusive, and overall, styling is fairly conservative, so these saddles should appeal to buyers looking for an understated product.

For more information, visit PRO.

RRP: AU$149/US$120.

Disclosure statement: Shimano (which owns PRO) is a long-term supporter of CyclingTips however we were not paid to prepare this review.

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