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  • Didier Moutia

    There should be an escrow type arrangement for these events so money is secured should the teams arrive and the event does not proceed.

    • jules

      the problem is, organisers are less likely to be able to come through on that type of arrangement. in which case, there will be no race in the first place. that’s good if it avoids this kind of scenario, but self-defeating if it prevents races from being held at all – even if they are skating on thin ice.

      I think you are touching on the right issue though – the UCI needs to get serious on race governance. It seems there was evidence that this race was in danger, it should be the UCI’s responsibility to manage that risk. Instead, the info is leaking out via team’s contacts on the ground. A key question is: Why is the UCI sanctioning an event that is not financial?

      same question can be asked of the MNCF

      • Dave

        I believe the UCI delegates that sort of stuff to the continental confederations for 1.2/2.2 races like this, preferring only to get involved for 1.1/2.1 races and higher.

        The big question, then, is whether the Asian Cycling Confederation is aware that they need to be supervising events on their continental circuit. I’d suggest the odds of the UCI having told them are fairly low.

    • hornk

      Going that far isn’t even necessary. This sounds like the UCI didn’t perform sufficient scrutiny of the organization. Before sanctioning an event they should be asking to see contracts with sponsors, bank accounts, hotel reservations etc.

      And in light of certain events even at long-running European races they should probably be asking to see video of the last 2-3 km of each stage.

      • Dave

        The UCI has declined to introduce a process for approving race routes, because they can’t afford to be found liable for incidents that occur after they’ve approved a route.

        That is one of the most obvious points to suggest that cycling should get a global governing body at some point.

  • Teng Soon Aik

    Corrupted event.

  • Captain obvious

    Racing in Asia has always been ‘interesting’ in that much of the information around the finer details such as accommodation, transport, food and the like are withheld from the teams. Often not much more is offered than “yes, yes that’s all organised. Just turn up, we’ll meet you there.” So often they’ll travel to these places anxiously, It’s all part of the fun racing in Asia, until it isn’t. That’s what these teams have unfortunately learned.
    Will they go back for more races? I’d be surprised if they didn’t, however, they’ll certainly be more wary…

  • roklando

    the beauty of cycling’s businesses model….

  • VK

    Someone influential needs to get on the social media game with Malaysia’s Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin @khairybj

    Maybe a Brammeier type outburst might get some attention.

    • Cycling iQ

      That’s the parody account – actual Twitter account is @Khairykj for anyone who wants to try out VK’s suggestion.

      • VK

        Oops! I didn’t know he is that unpopular already. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Malaysia and worked there another 4 years. As a half Malaysian, I am ashamed to say that this kind of irresponsible corporation/individual behavior is not uncommon. When I first heard the news, I thought to myself that the organizer must have skipped town with government and sponsorship funds.. I still believe I am not far off the mark.

        • Cycling iQ

          Several of my Malaysian journalist friends have been quick to highlight the same issues you raise, whilst profusely apologising for what has happened – not that they have any control over the situation, they just feel totally ashamed by the actions of race organisers who pull these stunts.

  • Cycling iQ

    Quick update: the 2016 Tour of Sarawak has now been officially cancelled (approximately 11:30 Wednesday morning, local time).

    • sket

      Were the teams transferred to Sibu before the decision? Or will they make the full trip back to Kuching from Miri?

      • Cycling iQ

        No transfers were made in the end, so teams will leave from Miri.

        • sket

          Just the final slap in the face!

  • timur pinar

    Expect this from the Tour of Turkey this year too.
    I know you guys send a journo to the TUR, you have been warned!

  • Noor Syazwan Sajali

    the organizer doesn’t have any money or sponsored to do the event. talk bullshit only… fyi, beside be a project manager he also full time school teacher.. doing the side job during school holiday.. haha

    • Cycling iQ

      True, and project co-ordinator of a mind-mapping program called i-Think used at SK Tan Sri Datuk Haji Mohamed school in Sarawak: http://www.ithink.org.my/home/page/pilotprojectschool_sk_tsdhm

      • Noor Syazwan Sajali

        Yerp.. at Taman Malihah, kuching sarawak.. asking for transportation during the TOS, but the supplier must pay the organizer 1st.. what a stupid agreement…


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