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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • My tips to add to this:

    1. To start, find a place with a slight slope to practise on. Aim your front wheel into the incline (it only needs to be very minor) so that gravity gives you something to push your forward pedal against.

    2. Look forward, not down.

    BTW – I’m nowhere near as good as Andy is. I usually fall off in traffic while still clipped in.

    • Mitchell Ho

      Agreed and would add: if standing, move your weight to front of the bike and turn your shoulders parallel to handlebars.

  • Andrew Demack

    I would add keep your head up … and right foot forward for track stands on our left-cambered roads.

  • Sean

    I would add that as great as this skill is, it is now worth a $425 fine in NSW as it is now considered ‘dangerous riding’. Happy Friday all!

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  • Tyron Anton

    Don’t try this in NSW though, Emperor Gay has informed his Secret Police that track standing now counts as dangerous riding and is therefore punishable with a $425 fine. True story, happened yesterday.

    • Still unconfirmed, as far as I’m aware. We’ve approached NSW Police for confirmation and more information.

      • Chris Carpenter
        • Yes, but all the reports have been based off that one tweet. We’ve sought comment from NSW Police to confirm the story.

          • Pete23

            I’d wager that the fine wasn’t for track standing but for crossing the white line while at lights, which I believe technically counts as jumping a red light. Would love to hear the full story though so thanks CT for following up

            • John Hawkins

              No, it was for track standing.

            • John Hawkins

              No, it was for track standing.

              • Pete23

                And you know this how?

                • John Hawkins

                  From someone who knows the riders involved.

                  • Pete23

                    No offence intended but there is a reason why hearsay isn’t generally admissible in court. As far as I can tell the events haven’t been independently verified. (is this still the case @mattdeneef:disqus?). If the guys were track standing over the white line that’s different to track standing behind the white line as one case is viewed as rljing and the other isn’t.

                    Either way, despite your assertion, I’m postponing my outrage until verified facts are available.

                    • We’ve contacted NSW Police about this three times and have had no response. Michael O’Reilly from the Sydney Morning Herald’s On Your Bike blog wrote “Given the lack of details, NSW Police were unable to comment on whether any such fines had been issued”. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/what-does-stop-mean-for-cyclists-gnja2x

                      Writing today, he suggests the reports are still unconfirmed. It seems to be that the rider(s) involved don’t want to speak up and provide more info, which is their right obviously, but until then I think it’s still accurate to say they are “unconfirmed reports”.

  • Cameron Harris

    What’s the view on sit vs. stand? I’m much better at a standing track stand than sitting, though I’ve read that some advocate that seated is easier.

    I’ve decided those people are wrong. :-)

    • Avuncular

      The simple answer is to watch the trackies do it. Mostly seated, not moving an inch and worth extra bonus points for style -:) OTH I’ve often seen those who do it standing but are not yet proficient, ie wobbling back and fro ending up half way into the intersection.

    • Mark Blackwell

      Standing is easier IMHO, I think because you are also moving your body relative to the bike and thus able to make finer adjustments to your centre of mass… but it’s more tiring

    • Timiji

      Seated, one foot clipped in and the other on top of the cross bar, tying up your laces… so no hands, of course. Easy??? Not for me!!

  • Hyun-ji Song

    I’ve had someone try to trackstand at traffic lights and fail miserably resulting in my leg ending up with a few bruises and bleeding

    • boyakasha

      Ooh sorry to hear that. As a fellow korean, I hope you gave that person a good ol ass whooping, by showing how it’s properly done!!

  • Cameron Harris

    And let’s not talk about the poor souls pinged by the fuzz in Centennial Park, Sydney for track standing at a red light. Jesus wept.

  • Another tip. If you’re worried, start off on grass! That way if you come unstuck, you have a soft(er) landing

  • David Briggs

    Have just ordered a few bulbs and some mulch

  • touristeroutier

    When on a bike with a freewheel or cassette, it sometimes is helpful to use your front brake, so you apply some pressure to the pedals, without moving forward. This is particularly useful on flat or slightly downhill spots; essentially this helps mimic the feel of a fixed gear.

  • Mark Blackwell

    The critical, CRITICAL moment for me is when the bike first rolls backwards. You roll to a gradual stop at the lights and need to be bold enough to let the bike stop completely, then turn the front wheel into the slope… but until the bike rolls backwards it feels unbalanced and nervy. After this point though, you feel the balance and how to rock gently back and forth.

    And for all those track-standers out there feeling smug and self-satisfied (like me!), try it with the front wheel pointing the other way, and find yourself right back at zero again, understanding completely how intimidating it can be for newbies! I can still only do it one way.

  • Pete23

    My tip is whichever foot is at the front, point the wheel in that direction, so right foot front, point the wheel right.

    I have seen people do the opposite, tried it myself and it is so much harder

    • Mitchell Ho

      Also agree. Plus on some bikes you may find that the front wheel hits your forward foot (eg. with right foot forward, front wheel turned left, front wheel hits my toes)

  • Sean parker

    Just like to point out that, as cool as trackstanding is, it was originally developed for,er,the track or for toe clips on the road, when removing the foot for a quick stop was a serious drama.
    Clipless pedals have removed the serious drama from coming to a standstill when cycling.
    Sort of why they were invented, in fact.
    Trackstanding on the road is a curious anachronism or rite of passage or something but not at all necessary.

    • Superpilot

      Totally bruh. When you’re a numpty getting your cleats back in like I am, intentionally trying to slow down to time a set of lights and/or wiggling/trackstanding really reduces the admin required.

  • bigdo

    ehh, Track standing is for the actual track riders on single speeds and roadies that are OCD… lol.. I’ll just stick to practicing the fundamentals, i.e. cadence, pace-lining, cornering at high speeds, drafting properly, descending at high speeds and riding in a crowded bunch..

  • chronologic

    The less air in your tires the better. Just ask those trials guys.

    • Sean parker


      That’s somewhat less than hardcore. I’d prefer to practice on just my rims. Nothing like skating around the wet cobblestones on rims to prove serious skills. I like to remove my saddle from the post, too. Just for the extra frisson of fear.

      • Mitchell Ho

        Just remember to remove the post, too :)

        • Sean parker

          A #7 opinel knife fits perfectly into the seattube.
          Like I said, extra frisson of fear.

  • Mark

    Maybe it would be worthwhile doing a similar session for how to ride with no hands… (seriously).

    Then, how to get food / clothes / etc from jersey pockets with no hands.

    Then finally, how to put and take off a gillet / jacket without stopping.

    Personally I’m amazed that people fail at the first point, let alone not being able to track stand.

    But maybe that was a product of growing up in the country where bikes where freedom, so all you did was ride everywhere, and to be cool you had to ride with no hands.

    I never did master the wheely though. The shame.

    • Sean parker

      I like to do some work on the bike, so an essential skill, for me, is balancing the mac air on the bars while eating a bagel and firing off a few emails to the office on the way in.
      If apple produced a garmin mount for the mac air it’d make my commute a hell
      hell of a lot easier.

      • Mark

        Sadly most of the people skills of people I ride with fall off when they try to change the screen on their Garmin.

  • Ed

    Sen Fucking Sational… that is so funny.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017