• Gibby

    Good lord, that is ugly. You do an article on a company that has 5 kits that all look almost identical except for the coloring? But wait, they have a pair of bibs that are all-black. Nothing but black? How did the design team come up with that stroke of genius? Ok, I see your reasoning. They are brilliant.

  • Roger That

    But you have to admit they are different and will appeal to some. I certainly wouldn’t call the designs ugly – it’s refreshing to see this funky type of kit being made and breaks the trend of being a Rapha lookalike like many other labels. Good on them for trying something new. With Hunter Snr a rag-trade veteran I’m sure they know what they’re doing and which demographic they’re aiming at. They stick out like dog’s whatsits on the road when you see them – a good thing.


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January 24, 2017
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