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When we launched Ella in February 2015, we set out to use our voice, reputation and medium to give exposure to women on bikes and to showcase its beauty and protagonists to help everyone become more knowledgeable cyclists and fans.

We take our responsibility of meeting the demand for more and better women’s cycling content seriously, and we continue to strive to offer something for anyone who finds their way onto our home page. But we want Ella to be so much more than a publication. All along we have had the overarching goal of helping other women fall in love with cycling the same way we have, and to foster a community of women and men who bike and share that passion.

To do so, we want to create opportunities for the Ella community to connect online and off. We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our Ella Ambassador Program, and to connect with our readers and community of women on bikes in a more physical way, and ultimately, to grow women’s cycling.

About the Ella Ambassadors

An Ella Ambassador is someone who has already fallen in love with cycling and who wants to help us grow women’s cycling.

As an Ella Ambassador, you will be expected to grow women’s cycling in your community through hosting regular rides, attend Ella events when possible and create social events that will get more women on bikes.

In return we’ll deck you out in some sweet Ella kit, send you to some great events, help you build your profile and introduce you to some amazing women, all while gaining some incredible experiences.

Please consider applying if…

  • the bike is your happy place and you cannot imagine a day better spent than in the saddle;
  • you have permanent tan lines and helmet hair;
  • Ella CyclingTips is your homepage;
  • you go to bed at 10 p.m. on a Friday night because Saturday mornings are for riding;
  • you know that bibs shorts are better than shorts and underwear should not be worn underneath chammies. ever;
  • you cannot imagine a world without cycling and want to introduce that joy with other;
    you’re passionate about the women’s cycling movement.

Application deadline is March 31, 2016.

More details and application here

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