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  • Ross

    I think too a lot of kids these days don’t know what it’s like to fail or even come second as some schooling and sporting events all the kids get a medal or reward regardless of if they finished first or last. So later on when they get out in the real world and take up a sport competively where there aren’t medals or rewards for everyone they don’t know how to react and can feel like a failure and perhaps turn to PEDs to boost themselves both physically and mentally.

    Also, pretty much every time you turn on the tv or radio (or social media) these days you hear about some high profile sports person (or team) that has just been busted for PEDs and then often it turns political or deemed too hard to deal with and the matter is swept under the carpet and the offenders just get a token smack on the wrist. This sends the message to young impressionable people that taking PEDs is only a minor thing and the punishment in the unlikely event they are found out will be minor.

    • Bones

      The kids know who wins and loses. By the time they get to the level where they would consider PED’s, they would have been through many win/lose competitions and many years of training.

      • Dave

        The problems of ‘every child gets a prize’ do come home to roost around the same age as senior-level sport becomes a possibility – but when the mollycoddled kids go to university, not on the sporting field.

  • velocite

    I expect that everyone would prefer to win. Not a moral issue at all. Cheating is a moral issue, of course. If your values are such that winning is OK and justifies cheating you’ll cheat, won’t you, if you think you can get away with it? Obviously the first and most significant formative influence in the evolution of our values is what we learn from what our parents say and do. I suspect that doping in sport is less prevalent these days because there’s a perception of a greater likelihood of being caught and shown up and humiliated – and not because our values have improved. Unfortunately I have no actual evidence that doping is less prevalent.

  • Dave

    Exhibit A: the Van den Driessche family with the budgie smuggling dad, the dopey son and the mechanically dopey daughter.


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