• jakub

    When this gluten free madness will be finally over? There is a growing number of properly controlled studies showing that gluten free is simply a marketing fad with no health benefits unless you have coeliac disease. The less severe form of so called “gluten intolerance” has been debunked as well. Not to mention that gluten free pancake tastes like crap compared to a one made from normal flour.

    • Mel

      No one says you have to eat the gluten free pancakes. Im all for gluten but to have an option to make them Gluten free for friends is always a bonus. Either way Crepe Monday looks like a good day to me!

      • Reginarvaughan2

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  • tomness

    I am with Lauren. To me a pancake is thin, usually around 20-25cm in diameter and cooked in a pan. It is usually served rolled up with the filling inside (lemon and sugar is my favourite).
    A crepe is cooked on a circular hotplate, usually around 35-40cm in diameter and it is served folded until it looks like a pizza wedge shape. Flambe Grand Marnier crepes are pretty awesome. If you use buckwheat you can make savoury crepes called gallettes and fill them with egg, cheese, tomato, mushroom, and baby spinach. Cook it on low heat on a creperie hotplate, until the egg is cooked, fold the edges over and serve. Delicious.
    The fat pancakes are pikelets, scotch pancakes or American pancakes.
    I feel that there is a skill to making a good wafer thin pancake, not so much skill to making pikelets. I do try and cook pancakes for my little boys on a regular basis, and they love it.
    As a pancake related tale, about 30 years ago my Gran who lived in England, entered a national pancake making competition using a simple jam and fresh whipped cream filled recipe that my sister had given her. The other contestants were making these extravagant, overly elaborate concoctions. My Gran won, although she didn’t really win much, except a good pancake pan, and the kudos of the Queen serving her pancake recipe at one of the royal tea parties. I have inherited that pan and still use it to this day.

  • warnschild

    I hate gluten-free, too, or rather don’t see the point. But I definitely love #pancakemonday or rather #pancakeanyday as sometimes, I wake up and decide I need pancakes that very specific morning. I vary with regards to the type I really bake, so sometimes it’s crêpes (I had a fabulous crêpes pan for christmas), sometimes “usual pancakes” that are indeed not that thin, sometimes american pancakes that are much smaller and fluffy. Finaly, my boyfriend loves a variety of “palacinky” (czech for “pancakes”): “bananový palacinky”, banana pancakes. :P


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