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  • Don Smith

    Talked with the Soulcraft crew a bit yesterday, and really like that bike. Beautiful utility.

  • Jamie Green

    Cannot help thinking how much better that bike would look without the saddle bag?

    • James Huang

      Yeah, maybe I should have taken it off but the bag is also made locally for Soulcraft so I thought it was appropriate to leave it on there.

      • Sean

        so you sold out ;-)

        • James Huang

          How so? Walling told me before I borrowed his bike for the photos that he wasn’t going to bother having these made any longer. This is his bike and how he chose to display at NAHBS, after all, so that’s how I left it.

  • Avuncular

    A lot to like. Very nice. I’m not sure about the wheels aesthetically but I’m sure they ride well. Do you know why the builder favours the disc brake placement outside the seat stay?

    • Winky

      The wheels would grow on me. The gum-wall look helps, I think. This would ride very nicely, I’m sure.

      The disc calipers may not fit within the rear triangle. They’re standing well off the seat-stay. The disc caliper mounting on many bikes often looks like an afterthought to me. The new flush/direct mount discs look much better, but I wonder why they weren’t like that all along. See this bike for an example…


  • Cameron Harris

    Breaking new ground with the 12 o’clock valve placement!

    • James Huang

      I may start a new trend of marking the time of day with the valve placement.

  • Robert

    Notice the White Industries parts, who are also based in Petaluma. I have been lucky enough to go there a few times and it is an unassuming little town in an area of California with some seriously good cycling country. Decentralisation of industry seems to work well in the USA and Europe. Oh and Petaluma’s other claim to fame, the setting for the movie that launched Harrison Ford, American Graffiti. The small town USA retro streetscape of Petaluma tiesin well with the small town bike industry that he made a home there.

  • Sean parker

    that’s quite a stunning and confronting aesthetic but perfectly matches the ‘bike as a tool not a toy’ philosophy. Is it an anti-bianchi?

    Looks like something you’d take to work or the pub wearing baggies and a multihour gravel exploration in the hills on the weekend.

    I like it a lot. Did I mention that my name is the same as the headtube badge? Clearly it’s a 54cm and on it’s way to me…..

  • Tricky Dicky

    That looks cool to me. As an avid “travel bike” devotee, putting some S&S couplers on that, with the new SRAM e-tap gears could be the ultimate way to get the bike into a small bag? Query how the gearing ratios work with the slightly smaller wheels?

    • Sean Doyle

      The roll out is roughly the same as 700c wheels so handles it fine.

    • Avuncular

      I’m also into the travel bike thing. I found that 28s on 700c wheels was the max I could fit into my S&S case with the tyres in situ. Would these wheels fit inside the case with the larger tyres?

      • Sean Doyle

        Let the air out. Which you should do when flying anyway.

    • James Huang

      A fellow travel bike devotee! ? You’re going to love the project build I just initiated at NAHBS :)

  • olmowebb

    I’m loving this series James. Great to see more exposure for the small bike builders and brands. As I get older, and as many years as I’ve been riding, I lean more toward these unique builds than the usual mass-produced bikes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • James Huang

      Thanks! Definitely more to come.


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