• winkybiker

    Why does Cancellara’s bike have Tony Martin’s name on it?

    • James Huang

      Although his ‘Spartacus’ nickname is well known, his other one is ‘Tony Montana’.

      • winkybiker

        Oh. Thanks.

        • I got this wrong once too. I asked the team mechanic and he looked at me like I was from Mars.

          • winkybiker

            It’s a bit weird. Scarface was a great movie, almost entirely due to Pacino’s performance, but his Tony Montana character was a selfish, psychopathic and cruel piece of work. Not sure I’d want that as a nickname.

      • Steve

        I thought it was luigi ;-)

  • Kieran Degan

    Double seat tube hey? That’ll get tongues wagging.

    • Michele


  • bytes

    So… not about the new 2017 Star Trek?

  • claude cat


  • Durian Rider

    What size rings on the front? Looks pretty small.

  • Fan

    Much higher res photos on road.cc. It definitely looks like a grey elastomer insert between the headtube and headset cover, and you can almost make out the “ISOSPEED” label on it.

  • thepeasant

    I am so getting this bike :)

  • James Fifield

    It looks like an interesting design. Living in the UK my first thought seeing the split seat tube was that it would be a hassle to clean!
    On a separate note, what is the verdict by the UCI on these kind of prototype frames being used in competition? Looking at the UCI approved frame and fork list from 29/02, the only Trek approval for 2016 is the new Madone and the most recent approved version of the Domane is from 2013. Please may someone clarify when a frame is allowed to be raced and when it is not?

  • ifbikes
  • j w

    I’m assuming “a way to boost the ride quality up front via some sort of mechanical device” is not referring to mechanical doping? :p

  • Albert

    Love that Fabo still runs DA mechanical. You can convince him to ride a bike with a pivoting seat tube AND head tube but to Di2 he says “no”.


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