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  • mitch_brooklyn

    Why always use Cancellara as the example and not mention Hesjedal’s spinning bike at the Giro? Cancellara making “strange hand movements” in a grainy video from 2010 is one thing. A bike that suddenly starts spinning around its rear wheel while resting on the ground is another thing altogether.

    • Shane Stokes
      • ZigaK

        Hesjedals rear tire contacted the asphalt before that and should not have any momentum left.
        This video does not bust anything, sorry.

        • jules

          how could a motor not have also turned the cranks? it would need a freehub-type mechanism to disengage the cranks. that seems way too unnecessarily complex when the alternative – which I believe is what is ‘conventionally’ used for these crank-drive motors – is to have a clutch mechanism based on what I’d assume is an electric stepper motor to engage/disengage the motor. so I don’t buy the Ryder’s wheel was being turned by a motor argument.

          • ZigaK

            I don’t want to speculate what really happened, I’m just pointing out that the rear wheel has been in contact with the asphalt and therefore didn’t carry momentum as a mythbusting video suggests.

            • Steven MC

              “I don’t want to speculate”

              Yeah, that’s healthy

              • ZigaK

                Watch the video. Does the rear wheel touch the ground – it does, that’s all I am saying. No speculating on my part.

      • mitch_brooklyn

        Yes, your video shows that a spinning wheel will stop when it touches the ground.

        On the other hand, the Vuelta video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynLMfzLTc8M) shows Hesjedal’s bike touching pavement, with the rear wheel stopped, and then beginning to spin and accelerate after he lets go, causing him to have to chase the bike down.

        On the positive side, I don’t see any exhaust fumes coming out of the bike.

        And then the next year we’re talking about his gutsy, come-from-behind performance in the Giro.

        It’s really unbelievable.

    • Michele

      Why use Fabian’s example and not Ryder’s?

      Without speak on behalf of CT, I would suggest it’s probably because they spoke with journo who compiled the Video on Cancellara.

      Common sense dictates that they should include the video.

      CT also quote Cassani who believe FC didn’t cheat.
      It’s a balanced article.

  • Berne Shaw

    Enough with both riders. Cancellara is a motor. Just stop the innuendo. And the spinning rear wheel is nothing notice the crank set not turning.

    • Larry @CycleItalia

      As others have already pointed out, the powered rear wheel cheating method is now considered state-of-the-art while the motor in the seat tube is already old-tech. RAI’s RadioCorsa TV show had a feature on the subject a couple of weeks ago, with the book author on the show. Mr. Hesjedal is already known to be a (dope) cheat, so any “holier than thou” response on his part’s a bit rich, no?

      • Stompin

        Your inference is nothing more than speculation and innuendo. So, moving forward…

        • Larry @CycleItalia

          You are correct – an inference directed at someone proven to be a cheat in the past who now implies “How dare you accuse me of cheating? I would never do such a thing!!! Trust me.” like we’ve never heard that before.

    • jules

      have we learned nothing from all the innuendo and accusations over doping? wait…

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  • Mark Blackwell

    I’d love to know what Leukemans has to say about the 2010 P-R… we’ll probably never know because Omerta etc, but the way he waves his hand as Cancellara accelerates away is noteworthy. Not a normal reaction. Did he hear something? The motors are not completely silent.

    • bc

      Wasn’t the reaction was due to the fact that Cancellara was motorpacing a moto from the race convoy at the time and he was pissed off that it didn’t get out of the way? Motorpacing is a big part of the sport and could easily make as much difference as a motor adding 200W, final ITT of the Giro a few years ago had a popular winner…

      • Mark Blackwell

        Could be, and that’s probably what I thought at the time since the motos are always pretty close on the cobbled sections. But now that bike motors are officially a thing I’m less sure

  • beev

    Shane. Nice article.

    It seems to me that the UCI have overlooked one thing that could help them effectively limit or completely remove the ability for bikes to have on board motors (within the frame at least given current tech, and ignoring all the noise about electro-magenetic wheels etc). All frames used by elite UCI athletes/teams are UCI approved. If the UCI were to stipulate partitioned (from down and seat tubes and also rear stays) bottom bracket enclosures as a part of frame design, this could be actioned by manufacturers (even those that internally route cables). Add in a “smart coded” anti tamper sticker, and this will help minimise the overhead on UCI monitoring/compliance in the future.

    One final point re Cassani et al and their observations in 2010 – Cancellara had “form” for this sort of ride well before motors, and also after motors became the hot topic – picking up monuments and GT stages either side of this 2010 watershed. Bunkum….

  • Steven MC

    Don’t whistle-blowers actually expose something?

    Something else happening many years later is not proof; this is bordering on conspiracy theory.


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