Photo gallery: 2016 men’s Strade Bianche

There are handful of races on the international cycling calendar that, despite not being part the WorldTour, demand one's attention. One such event is Strade Bianche, a race that is only 10 years old this year but which is rooted in the rich cycling history of the Tuscany region and Italy more broadly.

The race is of course known for its eponymous white gravel roads; roads that make for tough yet beautiful racing. Photographers extraordinaire Ashley and Jered Gruber were on hand in and around Siena to capture the action, which you can see in the beautiful photos below.



































































































If you’re interested in how the 2016 men’s Strade Bianche unfolded, be sure to check out our race report and this piece about the significance of Cancellara’s victory.
Click through for a photo gallery and race report from the women’s Strade Bianche, the first-ever event in the Women’s WorldTour.


  • Luke Bartlett


  • Dale Smith

    Brilliant photos. Feel like you’re there!! (without the shivering)

  • Andy Logan

    That last photo of Brambilla, wow. Such amazing photos!

  • sket

    Love the banner format!

  • Beautiful photos! Easy to feel the emotion and pain of the riders.

  • Chuck6421

    Beautiful country, beautiful photos, beautiful race!
    (btw, that Sagan dude looks like he could use shedding some poundage)

  • DocAdrianG

    The best skill of photography is to be at the right place at the right time. The Jered and Ashley tag team capture it so well. One from close up and the other from a vantage point. Brilliant.

  • Roger That

    Extraordinary photos! Love the change of scale (riders in the distance) and the black and whites.

  • Peter Petern


  • Race of the year, (so far), and superbe photos. Brambilla was the very definition of burying oneself.

  • starsky

    This photos are Brilliant. The shooters have a fantastic eye for composition. Please keep showing these artists’ work as I’d love to see their coverage of the remaining classics.

  • binotto

    Wonderful photographs Ashley and Jered!! Just stunning. These photoessays are a big part of why Cyclingtips is special. Great that the photos are in-line and not lightboxed. Looking to summer, It would be fantastic if you could make a photoessay for each stage of the Tour, just like in “the olden days” when you went over Wade.

  • bdh

    AWESOME! thank you

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