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  • Robert

    Glad to hear Mavic has improved their tyres. The Yksion tyres that came with a pair of Kysriums I had a couple of years ago were woeful hard riding slippery excuses for a proper tyre. Having said that Mavic wheels are reliable and generally perform well, but suffer the same fate as most factory built high spoke tension wheels – bust a spoke and you are screwed. Which brings me to the question – why would you buy them when so many good hand built sets are available. I assume Mavic’s big market is and will continue to be fitted as OEM to bikes (eg. Cannondale and others).

    • cnm

      Hi Robert, Chad from Mavic here. The reason we have proprietary spokes on many of our wheels is that we truly believe the best solution for a wheel is to build it as a system. This includes the rim, spokes, nipples, hub, skewer and tyre. When you design all of those pieces in tandem, to compliment one another, you end up with the best solution on myriad fronts. You can find more detail on our website, but being able to control the design and development of all of the wheel components, and to have them all working together, provide a truly special solution.

      • Robert

        Chad. Not doubting the quality etc of the wheels. My point was with a high tension low spoke wheel when a spoke breaks the wheels become un-rideable and impossible to true easily. It is not unique to Mavic, any wheel with a low spoke count and high tension will have the same problem. I know this from experience.

        • cnm

          Ah yes, totally understand. We know it can sometimes be a challenge to find some parts, which is part of the reason we try very hard to design wheel-tyre systems that will never require the replacement of a proprietary component. It’s why we see so many people with Ksyrium wheels that are 15 years old! In addition, we are continuing to improve how we prepare our dealers to be equipped to handle these situations and hope that will become more and more apparent in the future.

  • Robert Dumitriu

    I got the KSYRIUM PRO CARBON SL-T since august last year and they are damn good wheels .

  • David_Streever_CT

    “On first inspection, it looks as though the tyre is on backwards but the new pattern works well”
    tread pattern probably doesnt do dick-all on a bicycle

    • There’s little evidence to show either side of the argument. Matt W. wrote more about this here a while back: https://cyclingtips.com/2014/08/rubber-side-down-the-function-of-road-tyre-tread-patterns/

    • David Everett

      In many regards I agree, I love Michelin Pro 4 tyres and they are super sick. But Mavic are now working with a new tyre producer and have done extensive testing, they needed to as their old tyres weren’t that great. We’d love to get some in and test further, see if the claims are true in the wet.

    • cnm

      Hi @david_streever_ct:disqus, Chad from Mavic here. We understand that it might seem as if the design wouldn’t make a difference on a bicycle tyre. In fact, you’re half right. In the dry, this tread pattern won’t provide extra grip. In the wet is where our intention is when we developed this tread pattern. The purpose of the tread pattern is to pull the water/moisture away from the tyre surface when braking, as quickly as possible, in order to provide the best control in wet conditions. The direction of the tread pattern is essential in moving the water in the correct direction to provide the best grip. We have performed extensive testing and assure you that there are true benefits to this design.

      • Londonboy

        Chad, I am currently demoing a pair of othese wheels. Couple of questions – mine are labelled Cosmic Pro CarbonE SL – is that the same as the Carbon (without the e)? I am being being pedantic here as there are other wheels in the Mavic range called CarbonE. Also I weighed them bare and and they come in at 1546 grams (863R + 683F) which is almost 100 grams over the spec. Seems like a lot? Are the non demo versions likely to closer to published specs?

  • Leo

    I got a pair of cosmic carbon pro sl about 6 months ago from my local bike shop “Serious Cycling” and I like the wheels very much and ride the Santa Monica Mountains often. I recently descended Tuna Canyon for the first time and I MELTED my rear wheel. I am 6′ 4″ and 180 lbs and have been descending without any issues but this canyon is very long and steep and I had to drag the brakes more than I like to and it seems that I was a bit heavy on the rear brake. I read articles like this explaining the wonder of the brake features and improvements made in the heat management and test conducted iconic descents. I cannot imagine that Tuna Canyon could be more challenging on the brakes than the iconic European mountains described in multiple articles. The main difference may have been the rider :) …. In any case, I took the wheel to Serious Cycling, they contacted Mavic and they replaced the wheel to which I am grateful and I am not planning on descending that Canyon again with these wheels.


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