• Alex L

    I think the attention to integrated computer mounts is long over due. The little badda-bip of Garmins have been ubiquitous in the peloton for at least 4 years now!
    Likewise, I can’t believe that more frame manufacturers aren’t incorporating speed/cadence sensors directly into the frame. Trek/Giant are the only manufacturers that I know of that have integrated sensors.

    • Winky

      And stems that hide the Di2 j-boxes. This one continues to completely baffle me. Why, after all these years do they still look like prototypes zap-strapped to stems?

      • Alex L

        Yes! Again, Di2 has been a thing for 4 or 5 years now, and a lot bikes still don’t implement it very neatly.

    • Chris

      Integrated sensors just aren’t needed. My Garmin does speed via GPS and my Stages does cadence. I get that some systems use them, but integrating for some brands isn’t a good way to future proof a frame.

      • Alex L

        A speed sensor is useful if you ride on a (non-smart) trainer (or lose GPS signal), and power meters are common but still not affordable enough for most to replace cadence sensors. Most PMs still recommend magnets on the frame for redundancy purposes too. To me it would be logical to incorporate much of this technology into a frame, given the vast bulk of users do actually use it.
        Plus the Garmin GSC-10 sensor is a properly ugly contraption, thankfully the new accelerometer-based sensors are cleaner, but still not as nice as integrated sensors.

        • Chris

          Yeh I don’t doubt they can be useful, but I haven’t used a sensor in the past 5 years and 5 frames, MTB and road. So I guess that’s what most manufacturers are thinking when they don’t develop integrated sensors for their frames.

          • Alex L

            I really don’t want to get into a big comments argument, but if you’ve bought 5 frames in as many years, you are definitely not representative of the average cyclist. That’s some sweet cash or superb store/team relationships.

            • Chris

              Not really arguing, no hard feelings. I get that your needs and wants are different to mine.
              My bikes are kept in two different countries (expat), and I’ve retired two in those five years. I only have three: two, a roadie and a MTB here where I live and work and one roadie back “home” for holidays. Funnily enough, all bought at different shops.
              Three bikes? I bet a lot of people frequenting this site could top that, but yes, I’m big into it.
              Nice chatting, not up for arguing.

  • Dave

    Hey Swift, did you know that DSQ is a commonly used code for ‘disqualified’ in many sports including cycling?

    Great liveries though, especially asymmetric details to make them interesting.

    • Winky

      DSQ would be a clever name for a bike that is under UCI minimum weight, though. Or one with a hidden motor!

  • Abdu

    Is that it? Feels like a rewrite of the pamphlet…

    • James Huang

      Ha, I wish there actually was a pamphlet! I just received some more comments from the SwiftCarbon office in South Africa and am adding that right now. Information on the ground was unfortunately a bit lacking.

      There’s definitely more to come from Taipei but seeing as there’s no opportunity to ride stuff here (and in some case, bits are unrideable prototypes), I can’t include any firsthand feedback of how well any of this works.

      • MalindaRKyser

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  • Sean

    Happy to see Swift leading the way in bike manufacturing.

  • alexroseinnes

    S/LAB is a pretty lame metoo copy of S-Works.

  • Phillip Mercer

    Not to start a disc/rim brake argument again but I found the reasoning for making an Ultravox disc frame on the flimsy side. My summary of the reasoning, “I ride all the time in dry conditions, its always dry here, I rode once when it was wet on the one occasion discs would be better for that part of the ride so I decided to make a frame just for that narrow occasion.” I suspect a more honest answer would be, “Discs are really popular, we want to take advantage of that and make money” which is fine, just don’t treat us like idiots.


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