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  • All very well to plan for additional Events , BUT , the Racers have to survive the Roads where they train !

    Days before the start of the Paris-Nice Event , a French Racer from the 2015 Eurocar Team pays the ultimate price ! What effort was made by UCI to coordinate ” ROAD SAFETY “?

    Countless tweets by @BrianCooksonUCI when a Lady Racer gets skittled , but as to the Guys ?

    As a ” Minority of ONE” , i have spent time with so many UCI Personnel , Tour Organisers , Both Lady & Male Racers , yet , do these people go to their ” Social media Outlets ” and CALL / ASK for a common WORLDWIDE approach to ” Safety for Cyclists on the Road ” ? Do they even ADD the Photos showing them holding the ” Placards ” of VisionZeroWorldWide/facebbook to their Social Media ? AS to those that see these ” VisionZeroWorldWide Photos ” , do they ASK /REQUEST the Racers/Personalities shown to ADD their Voice to Calls for ” Safety on the Roads for Vulnerable Road Users “?

    YES , Vehicle Manufacturers are ” Sponsors ” for UCI Events , BUT , if the Pro Racers & Shamateurs are Injured/KILLED then they will not have the disposable Funds to purchase their product ? Sponsorship is about getting back , MORE than you INVEST ? No point investing in Athletes RUN DOWN by your own Products ?

    Time that instead of the likes of John Burke of TREK ( http://www.bikebiz.com/news/read/trek-s-john-burke-challenges-other-ceos-to-do-more-for-cycle-advocacy/019153 ) voicing concerns to the media regarding the 0.1% of SPEND being for ” Bike Advocacy ” , OR , Jim Ochowicz ( http://www.bmc-switzerland.com/int-en/experience/the-feedzone/an_open_letter_to_the_uci-1/ ) writing multiple letters to the UCI , THESE STALWOIRTHS of the CYCLING World , got their fellow Leaders together and INSIST that UCI ADD to the 2016 Congress Agenda , a Coordinated PLAN of ACTION ( Codee of Praqctice ) that can be presented to EVERY Country that is part of the IOC & IPC Community !

    Would Thomas Bach & Sir Phillip Craven , prevent their Organisations from carrying through this idea ? Brian Cookson & his Team , have until the Rio Olympics to put together a raft of Proposals , then ASK /REQUEST ALL participating Athletes to fill in a ” Questionnaire ” thus establishing the Basic Ideas that Athletes of ALL persuations would seek to ADD to THEIR Social Media Outlets !

    People on BIKES , are the source of so many Athletes in any number of Sporting Activities , if only as transport at an early age or whilst in the Education System . So many of the Pro Cycle Racers come out of Rowing and other sports , as just one example .

    SAVING the lives of Olympic & Paralympian Athletes , will ensure that the Person in the Street will benefit ALSO . Will any of the thousands of WorldWide Politicians planning to be at Rio 2016 Olympic Games be HAPPY , if some of THEIR Top Athletes are Road Victims , thus unable to compete ? Could IOC & IPC canvass these Politicians and warn them that they will be unwelcome at ALL Future Events , IF , they choose to ignore the call for Legislative Change in respect of Cyclist Safety on the Roads ?

    Which is more important , giving Cyclists a ” Fair Go ” , OR , saving a few seconds on a journey FULL of Traffic Lights , Traffic Queues and other annoyances that come about because the Vehicle operator did not plan their journey and thus allow for delays ?


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