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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Nitro

    Conflict of interest declaration – I’m completely and utterly, hopelessly and undeniably addicted to Zwift. Ok, not quite as much as Mr. Miller – but getting there…

    From someone who first bought a “dumb” trainer a few years back, rode on it a few times, hated it, and soon sold it, thats saying something.

    I did like the Sufferfest videos, but found the lack of 2-way-interaction a limiting factor. If a video shouts at you, telling you to sprint and you slack off – the man in the video sprints. If a Swift workout tells you to sprint and you give it the beans, there’s the instant feedback of your little man on screen standing up, putting his head down and blasting past others on the road (well, sometimes the last one happens…)

    A couple of unexpected / undocumented upside of the Swift workouts – go for the SST (Sweet Spot Training) workout and its a great way of seeing relatively quick improvements in FTP. And the fact that Zwift gives you a flat road to work on means you can train at 5am without the constant clunking of gears that invariably risks waking up other members of the house…

    In relation to cost – I’m happy to pay since its pretty clear that they’re using the money to fund a seemingly never ending string of new developments and features.

    • david__g

      What trainer do you use?

      • Nitro

        Wahoo KICKR. Love it.

        Expensive? Absolutely.

        Justifiable? When cost-per-use is under $20 already – and only going down – You bet!

        • The soon-to-be-released firmware update for acceleration power and quicker gradient changes on the Kickr will take that love to the next level Nitro. It’s good, really good!

          • De Mac

            I’m also waiting with bated breath for the update.

        • david__g

          oof, 1600 in Canada. Think I might just go with the Tacx Vortex instead (cost price through my club!). The Kickr looks tremendous, mind you and if anyone wants to buy a kidney…

          • Nitro

            Commit to riding on the KICKR 160 times – problem solved :)

          • Hamish Moffatt

            The Vortex is pretty nice too – just got mine. About 40% of the price of the kickr.

            • david__g

              Good to know – I’ve done my research but always nice to hear real world testimonials. It looks like a decent piece of kit for the price.

          • Jason LeBel

            The Kikr is $1600 for the 11 speed, and $1200 for the 10 speed. I was looking at getting one, but I only have an 8 speed

        • Gary Zyriek

          I used to have a CompuTrainer ($$$) and now have a Tacx Neo ($$$) and they are def expensive. However, I’m one of those weird folks where investing in a trainer makes sense for me because I’m on it 5 days/week. I have friends who hate riding the trainer and no trainer would be a good investment for them.

    • AmandaPMeyers

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    • MalindaRKyser

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  • De Mac

    Yep, it is well worth the subscription fee at ~USD$10 per month, as the software enables a whole raft of interesting indoor cycling experiences. No, it isn’t as good as outside, but, you can do structured workouts, participate in TTs, bunch rides and races, or simply potter around – your choice, rain, hail or shine. The developers, who are very keen cyclists themselves, listen to the community and a lot of the improvements / new features are borne from user-feedback. Lastly, there are many options that enable one to start Zwifting – you do not absolutely need a smart trainer or power meter.

  • Arfy

    I used Zwift in Beta mode up until the full release, as it was already mid-Spring I didn’t really see the need for a subscription in the warmer months, I might go back to it over winter. Riding the “normal” course is good for a while but I did get bored of the same route even when you can do a reverse loop, and that pancake flat first half of the Richmond course just does my head in with boredom. I know they’re talking about more course variations, but I was hoping they’d add a heap of realistic courses by now (eg GT stages, famous local rides around the world), that would make it more interesting. I also agree that the Workouts is a bit of a strange fit, there are other (even freeware) software out there that are much better for this, scenery becomes a bit pointless when you’re trying to hit numbers. Put your favourite music on or watch some GT stage repeats, much more exciting than rolling endlessly around Watopia.

  • kogashiwa

    About this –

    “In some of the workouts I did I found it difficult to reach the target power quickly due to a delay in the resistance adjustment at the start of a section. I’d increase my cadence as the start gantry approached but with the lower resistance not kicking in for up to five seconds sometimes, it meant I was just spinning out at lower power than Zwift wanted me to be putting out. ”

    – I’ve experienced the same thing, and I highly doubt it’s a connectivity issue. Instead what happens is that since the trainer has to use a continuous feedback loop while operating in erg mode, it can only ramp up or down so and so fast. This will probably vary between trainers. My Tacx Vortex for example takes around three seconds to complete a change in power. So on hard ten-second intervals, I’m spinning out for the first three seconds while the trainer goes through a cycle of add resistance/read power/add resistance/read power etc. Likewise when ending a block and entering a rest interval it doesn’t – can’t – drop down instantly, but ramps down over that three seconds or so. I would imagine higher end trainers would be able to do this quicker, but it’s probably physically impossible for it to be instant.

    I know some people disable erg mode for workouts and I believe this is why. But even on those ten second sprints I still get full credit and the ramp down compensates somewhat for the ramp up so it hasn’t been a problem for me.

    I’ve really been enjoying the workout mode, especially the preset workout plans. Am going through the 12 week FTP Builder plan now and this is definitely the most productive winter I’ve had in ages for trainer, so it’s a big success as far as I’m concerned.

    • Luke Bartlett

      Surely that’s an easy software fix. “challenge opens under banner, challenge timer starts when power meter reads 80% of the target power”. Then the ramp up/down delay doesn’t matter.

    • JBKayak

      How did the 12 FTP go? I. About to start it Sunday

  • Ashley Ray

    One other new feature since your last review – “Calculated Power”. It’s a great introduction to using power in workouts and training to weaknesses on a power curve. I’ve noticed a lot of Zwift riders not using power for riding, but letting the system calculate by just strapping on cadence, speed and the brand of their trainer. Personally I just use my powermeter. Very pleased with the Zwift experience and have tried but can’t justify a Kickr investment just for friction feedback. Falling behind is enough for me!

    • Adam Jurzyk

      I think, that those riders simply don’t have power meters :)

    • Hamish Moffatt

      That’s not new – you’ve been able to use the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with it for ages.

  • Val

    I’ve been trying various services like this over the last year or so. Of the virtual training services, Zwift seems to have the most well-structured (and useful for actual training) workouts. What I do wish, though, is that they integrated with a dynamic system like VeloPro. This way, I wouldn’t be tied to the 12-week plan’s schedule, but rather could do the best I could with my own schedule.

  • Hamish Moffatt

    I use it and I like it, but I’ve got mixed feelings. The workouts make it more structured than just riding around the loop, but once you’re in a workout then the virtual reality aspect of it is kind of pointless. You might as well use TrainerRoad plus videos of your own, and TR has a better workout library too. But so far I’m still doing a mix of Zwift workouts and Zwift messing around.

  • Mike

    It would be good if you could adjust the difficulty percentage during a workout like Training Peaks. Sometimes you don’t know if you’re on a bad day until you start and may need to drop it 5%.

  • curvenut curve

    Hi, with swift, can I compare the power’s graph from session to session for the same training program so I can track my progress ?

  • wickedscholar

    Zwift is awesome. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I’m riding my trainer more often and I’m working harder than I ever have. I looked at Sufferfest and thought it looked kind of lame. When someone starts to sprint, there’s no real need for you to work harder. I might was well just be watching “Breaking Away” and trying to keep up with Team Cinzano.

    • abikerider

      There is a very real need to sprint (or, I should say increase your power). You cannot escape. But this only applies if you are lucky enough to not have a dumb trainer.

      If you have the Sufferfest app, and a smart trainer, ERG mode will force you to hit the targets. If you don’t hit the power targets because you are exhausted the app will tell the trainer to increase the resistance to compensate for your dropping cadence (it is trying to make you stay up at the target power mark). So, you either succeed or the trainer will bring your legs to a halt.

      It is the most unbelievably effective intervals tool I’ve ever used. I have Zwift and Sufferfest, but Sufferfest is so good that I’m hardly using Zwift now.

      • abikerider

        Also, if you do find you can’t hit the targets, you just turn the resistance down a bit in the app. By default it bases all of the Sufferfest targets on your FTP, but if you are weak on the day you can turn the targets down from the default 100% to any percentage below that that allows you to keep hitting the targets. You just need to tap a button as the workout is happening to turn it down – and if you have your FTP realistically set, you will sometimes need to !!!

        If you have a smart trainer you should try it. You will get stronger.

        I do not work for Sufferfest. I am, however, one very impressed customer, with a rising FTP :-)


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September 25, 2017
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