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  • Peter Odegaard

    Neal no mention of 2003! What about Jeanson, Horner, O’Neill and Danielson?!?!

    • Neal Rogers

      I asked 12 riders to share their favorite memories. None of them mentioned 2003!

      • Peter Odegaard

        Understandably so…. Thanks for the memories!

  • Andy B

    Cant help but feel Gaimon don’t like horner :)

  • jules

    some pretty good stories in there. nice one Neal!

  • Chad Sperry

    Actually the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend is the longest running pro stage race in the U.S. having completed 36 continuous years. You should know that Neal!

    • Neal Rogers

      Gah! My mistake. You’re right. I tweaked that first sentence to read “one of the longest continuous running professional stage races in the United States.” Hope all is well with you!

      • Chad Sperry

        Doing great. Man we would love to have you come out and hang with us in Bend this summer though! Let me know if you can fit in to your busy schedule!

      • Chad Sperry

        Not trying to take away from Redlands it is an awesome event and has been a mainstay on the US racing circuit for a very long time. Those guys rock!

      • chollo9

        And Fitchburg is second I think. Well, at least it was until they cancelled a couple of years. Don’t know if it’s been surpassed or not.


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