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  • My wife used to ride with me but hasn’t for a few years, riding together was fun, my 20yo daughter has taken it up in the last few months, she is fit and a strong rider and rode with my group last Saturday, now my wife has decided to get back into it! It becomes an expensive exercise when three in the family want new kit. Don’t start me on my two younger boys and kit.

  • Neil_Robinson

    the first two are pretty bang on as my reasons for wanting/wishing/encouraging my wife.

    what she’s helped me learn is that as a white, middle class, male, who grew up in this city (melbourne), I’ve got a lot of privilege. the safety that i expect and depend on, isn’t as obvious or forthcoming to/for her. the barrier for entry is higher to get her riding, even the things we joke about between mates (even frivolous stuff like sock height) makes her feel like its less of a place she’d love.

    i’m not sure the point of this post, other than to say bikes are totes ace, i wish my wife could/would ride. oh the place’d we’d go.

  • Adi

    Forget city cycling, I want mine to cycle so we can get up into the mountains together. Bar none, the most beautiful places on earth, and it would be amazing to share that with her.

  • Luke M

    My partner and I met (indirectly) through cycling. We’re now both training to get into competitive track cycling sprint events. It’s a steep learning curve so it’s great to have someone you trust to give honest feedback. We train together most of the time but we’re still working out how to make sure we both get the most out of each workout. We have very different strengths so sometimes one of us is left a little frustrated, especially when we have conflicting schedules so neither of us can follow a perfect programme. If the racing gets serious I might consider taking a step back from coaching my partner. Im always curious about the dynamics of couples like Laura Trott and Jason Kenny. Or Hayley Simmonds who won the British Time Trial National Championship last year after being coached by her fiancé, another competitive cyclist.

  • Great piece! I met my wife on a velodrome and we’ve been on many cycling adventures together. I have been passionate for cycling for more than 30 years and this added a totally new dimension to our lives. Now we’re starting to ride with our 6 month old baby in the trailer and again it’s opening new perspectives… Don’t be surprised if you see us riding around the world one of these days.


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