5 Reasons why I want my wife to try cycling

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Once you fall in love with cycling it can very quickly become all consuming. Your money disappears into gear and apparel, your mornings and weekends revolve around riding, you lose touch with those friends who don’t ride and make heeps of new ones who do,  and you just want everyone else to experience that joy of riding with you. This applies especially to your partner. You want to do the thing you love the most with the person you love the most. It makes sense but it doesn’t always go over well.  

We talk a lot about the gender disparities in cycling and poke fun at the macho cycling culture from time to time, but when you bring it down to the individual level, you’ll learn that men just want to ride with their partners, too. I cannot tell you how often I ride with guys who tell me that they love riding with women, they wished they knew more women who ride (especially if they’re single!) or that they recently bought their wife her first bike. So today I asked a guy why it matters to him, and here’s what he said.

– Anne-Marije


5 Reasons why I want my wife to try cycling

1. Exploring our city via bike has exposed me to some of the most extraordinary sights and roads I’ve ever seen. I’d love to share those experiences with her.

2. Riding a bike has changed my life. I lost 30+ pounds, pushed limits I never knew I had, and got into racing.  It would be awesome to have her incorporate cycling into her fitness regimen and see how it can benefit her life.

3. I’ve met some of the most incredible people through cycling that I would never have met otherwise. I’d love for her to see just how fun, supportive and friendly the cycling community really is.

4. I’d love for our children, particularly my daughter (who will be a beast if she ever gets into racing!), to see their mother riding and enjoying cycling.

5. She is already stunning, but she’d be positively breathtaking in cycling kit. :-)


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Yee Feng is a Seattle-based investment advisor, photographer and Cat3 bike racer on the Audi Cycling Team.

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