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  • Bones

    Good to see him winning again, he’s an interesting character and ( I think) a good image of the sport.

  • db

    So refreshing to see PS push back at the muppets who ask (stupid) questions.

    • dscsn

      Can you give me an example of non stupid question?

  • KJ

    What a dude, nothing but cool

  • mt

    Dead set legend! Have a look at all those second places and how many involved him going out in a break-away… World Champ and a talented rascal! If he wins Roobaix….

  • Dave

    The only plausible reason for reporters to ask inane questions is if they want inane answers. Good on him for giving them what they wanted.

  • Jose Betances

    Cycling needs a face. Maybe not in Europe since the sports is so popular there, but I know Sagan is turning heads towards the sport in America.

    • Dave

      Cycling is still a second or third tier sport even in Europe.

      While there’s no shortage of heroes, what Sagan can provide is a figure who transcends national allegiance and team allegiance.


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