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  • Steel

    That’s great news. If they didn’t make such comfy knicks I wouldn’t bother with their gear given the above sort of depictions of women.

    Hopefully they get rid of Assos man too. Why they have a guy with the full beach rig represent the fit for cyclists who tend to be very lean is beyond me.

    • Andrew Wilson

      Look up the info on Assos man. He’s actually a badass. Tri guy. But badass.

      • Jim

        But they make him look like a complete git

        • Andrew Wilson

          No disagreement there

        • Anthony

          Just as an FYI, you ride your bike around in spandex, bro. Everybody who’s not a cyclist thinks you too look like a ‘git’.

  • roklando

    All very good, but why in bog’s name are they keeping Assos Man??

    • ebbe

      Getting rid of the Assos-girl but keeping the Assos-guy… Sounds a bit sexist to me. No, scratch that. Sounds a lot sexist to me.

  • Derek Maher

    This decision by the firms owner should give some of the hard up lady racers a chance to earn some extra cash.

  • warnschild

    In my opinion, there are a lot of much better brands around nowadays while Assos remains a relict of better times where they represented “something better” of what nothing is left but the stunning price tag.

    I as a woman never liked their way-too-soft pads and conservative, but not classy design.

    Therefore, I guess there’s a lot more work to do for the management of a slowly dying brand. On the other hand, I enjoy their new approach to women and hope that “the rest will follow”.

    • lnarachi

      What brands are “much better” ?

      • warnschild

        Gore Bikewear, Giro, Endura, Rapha, Mavic, Vaude, Kalas, Specialized, Löffler, Sugoi, Pearl Izumi, Craft of Sweden, …

        Yes, even Nalini, Castelli/Sportful, Santini and all the other old-fashioned and long-outdated Italian brands who had offered bad stuff for too much money not long ago, now manage to produce better cuts, use modern fabrics and high-quality pads even for their womens’ ranges, the majority of them at much lower prices or at least higher quality for the same price compared to Assos.

        I personally even prefer small brands over here in Germany who actually produce here (!), use fabulous fabric and well-thought cuts, and at the same time manage to prices low (you get 2 – 3 pairs of their most expensive bibs at the price of one Assos) by concentrating on direct marketing, Leverve Sportswear and Maisch Sportswear.

        On the other hand, when I see what’s sold in the Cyclingtips-shop, and at what price, I can imagine why people still buy Assos: There won’t be such a big difference regarding the price, but the cut and make will be much better.

        Prices here seem to be much lower in general: For example, the exact same jersey and bibs (PI) they offer in the Cyclingtips design cost 20 % (jersey) and 40 % (bibs) less respectively over here, and actually are sold much cheaper right now directly from the manufacturer’s online shop. And PI does not come with high price tags usually. – Maybe, the discussion is not based on equal grounds, that’s what I want to say by mentioning that.

        • Adam K

          I agree. I have bought numerous kits in the last 2 years from brands like castelli who have been working hard with pro peleton teams like garmin sharp and now cannondale garmin, and their quality, cut and performance is superb (Im an avid amateur racer). Their speedsuits are magnificent. And I can buy an entire top if the line race kit for around 300 aud, my lbs stocks assos, I looked at their bib shorts, and just the bib shorts were 580 aud!! I don’t think I have been almost literally floored by pricing on something until that moment. Even if their pricing was equal to these other brands for me im not sure I would strongly consider them vs the looks and performance of the other brands, but at 4 times the price? no way!! Years and years ago I bought knicks and jersey, a vest, and a fugu jacket, and at the time I was definitely impressed with the quality, I did feel at the time they were definitely a bit ahead of the competition but still very pricey. The knicks and jersey were ruined in a crash but I still use the vest and jacket and they are still great years on, they perform exactly as well as their marketing said, but when they do need to be replaced I still wont be re buying assos because exactly as you say a number of other brands have also made me kit that works exactly as well as they say and have been / are of most excellent quality and performance at entirely reasonable prices (and with names I can remember and pronounce).

      • Rpd Raposa

        Pros do not seem to agree with you, Last year over 800 bibs of other brands went through Assos to fit in a new Assos pad. Personally I ride long distance. i.e. the ACP brevets 200 up to 1200 km, I have have tried out different brands, under others Pearl Izumi, Mavic…. There is no better pad, than the Assos pad. But I agree, if you want fancy……….

  • Spider

    Attn: Phil Duff.

    Great start! the new photos look fantastic….next on your list – change the naming of the garments and remove the haba, tiburu etc are ridiculous – they sound like characters in Dungeons & Dragons).

    The fit and performance of the garments is superb.

    Thank you

    A long time Assos customer

  • Matthew McArdle

    I always found their marketing pretty horrendous across both genders. Hopefully they’ve fired everyone involved and are starting from scratch. Couldn’t get much worse than it was, that crap hasn’t flown for 2 decades.

  • Chris Lee

    RIP Assos Girl…You will live on in my heart and mind.

    • Spider

      and don’t forget your hard drive. Those JPEGS aren’t going anywhere….

  • Hannes Whitefield

    It is actually quite impressive marketing: Assos starts doing something that should be considered utterly normal and should have happened many years ago already, yet they gain massive publicity for it and even kudos from some.

  • Legstrong

    While their quality is arguably the best in the market, their design is one of the worst out there. Certainly, the worst one among premium brands. Very busy, especially the horizontal stripe thingy (assos trademark look) on the sleeves. It might work in the 70s, certainly not in this age. My 2 cents.

    • warnschild

      On the other hand: They do have a market. :)

  • Alex

    They portray their men as athletes? Where are the tan lines?

  • winkybiker

    I have a couple of pairs of 10+ year-old Assos bib-shorts. Still great. Worth every penny. (Naming and marketing is stupid, but hard to fault the quality)

    • warnschild

      Sorry, but I have to think of the guy in our group – I haven’t yet come to tell him – that at least HIS 10+ year-old Assos bib-shorts (seemingly his favourite pairs) may feel great, but have long gained very special see-through qualities….. Not nice to ride behind him either on rainy or very sunny days…. (have yours checked, please)

      • winkybiker

        Excellent point, sir. I tend to wear my older shorts on solo rides, but I will get my wife to check. She is the arbiter in such matters.

  • Adam K

    Such a strange company. Have been decades behind re portrayal of an entire demographic, but with prices that seem to included decades ahead worth of inflation built in. Whilst they are re-vamping their market image, can someone talk to them about how they name their products. Its like they choose product names in the same way they choose high strength internet passwords. I haven’t figured out an algorithm yet that allows me to crack how to remember a single product name.

    • lnarachi

      I don’t mind the names…

  • lefthandside

    Does this mean Assos man is going to model all the clothing from now on?

    • warnschild

      :D You mean, to account for the new strong-AND-skinny ideal of women in sports?

  • Roy

    Portraying women in a non-sexist way is definitely long overdue. Next…. stop the practice of female models kissing the men on the podium. What would happen if the roles were reversed? Cycling as a sport is much better than this.


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