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  • Saeba R.

    I could not understand why he wasn’t at Flanders. To not take one of the best in the world to one of the biggest races in the world… Sometimes this sport is weird…

    • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

      Boxers don’t rush to fight the champ straight away

      • Saeba R.

        Extremely poor analogy my friend.

        • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl


      • Stefan Eckardt

        Yeah, but you don’t just show up to a race with cobbles/pave’ and win. He needs to ride it a couple times at least just to ride it and see what it’s like, get to know the course, where people make moves, etc.

        • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

          He could learn so much more if he just sat down with you and had you explain it all to him

          • Stefan Eckardt

            Just repeating what many pro’s who have won classics with cobbles/pave’ have said. Common knowledge, really. You could try posting something constructive instead of tearing others down….. Good day.

            • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

              The boxer’s development analogy I made, that You slagged
              was a vote of confidence in Shane Bannans management of the young rider.
              Matthews is being nurtured extremely well. It’s a tribute to him and his team.

              Yeah, I trolled you- sarcastically.
              Surprised you recognized it!

  • jules

    Matthews could target just about anything with success. no reason not to target the cobbles

  • nicklothian

    Might be worth noting that he finished second at the u23 Tour of Flanders once, too.

    But it seems pretty hard to target Milan San Remo and Flanders and the Ardennes classics. Matthews is pretty well suited to the Ardennes too, and targeting Flanders would probably mean not racing Amstel, where I think he’s the only rider to catch Gilbert on the Cauberg.


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