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  • OverIt

    MMMMMMasi Gran Criterium…… droools (even if it doesn’t have DB’s)

  • The first time I’d ever heard of Franco bikes was at the Sea Otter last week. I’m not sure how they ride, but the paint jobs were absolutely stunning.

    • glenn

      @cyclingtips:disqus – I’ve ridden their Balcom S and Kanan models. Great bikes, great people. Local SoCal folk just wanting to get folks like you and me to ride their awesome bikes!

  • Albert

    The Grimes reminds me of Curve’s Grovel – can’t wait for version 2!

    • Maryljohnson

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  • Holby City

    Does anyone know if a gravel grinder with discs and belt drive exists?

    • Holby City

      And if not belt drive then a single chainring.

      • Jim

        Google is your friend – try searching “belt drive disc bike” plenty of hits – most seem to be more commuters/gravel bikes from the pics.

        • Holby City

          Thanks smarty pants. I’ve done that before and it only got me so far. I’m after something with drop bars too. Salsa seem to be the only ones offering something like that. It would be an all round commuter/gravel bike but not for long distances.

          • Jim

            Yeah sorry was being a bit of smart arse (not sure how to put a emticons on here)

            Most of them seem to be made by small boutique brands that you need to sell body parts to buy ….
            One that I’ve seen thatkind’ve looks interesting is the Genesis Day one bikes but seems they’ve changed their bike range this year.

        • Dave

          If you want to be really snarky, use a lmgtfy link like this – http://lmgtfy.com/?q=belt+drive+disc+bike

    • Check out the Soma Wolverine. Not a complete bike, but a really affordable steel frameset with the specifications you’re after. Lots of folks have been building them with belt drive and an internal gear hub.

    • david__g
    • Alex Hillis

      The Soma Wolverine is a good option that hits almost every checkbox I can think of except lightweight and carbon.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Saw the Tricolore in person recently. Stunning.

    • James Huang

      Agreed! Especially in the California sun :)

  • Larry Theobald

    First it was “COLOURWAYS” now it’s “… three all-new platforms released this year.”
    Oh, for the days when they were BICYCLES instead of platforms. How do you ride a platform? :-)

    • James Huang

      I’m not trying to introduce some goofy marketing-driven term or anything. For me, “platform” is just a reference to a group or family of bike models, not any one specific model.

  • George Darroch

    Thanks again for putting the prices in USD. Helpful.

    Overall there’s good progression across the industry. The Focus range looks very solid, and Colnago are always good at building dream machines. Not sure I understand Franco’s deep section wheels with giant mudguards, though it’s more sensible than putting 47mm 650b tyres on a road frame.

    • James Huang

      Sure thing, although the fact that this information was collected at a US event certainly helps! In any event, we’re trying to include all applicable currencies whenever we can from this point forward.


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