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  • Derek Maher

    Brazil seems to be having a whole heap of bad luck these days. Zika virus, Political turmoil, Corruption and economic problems.
    Plus we may see national teams banned from taking part although WADA seem to be rowing back with to many top countries being implicated in possible scandals. Also WADA admitting its research testing has been either below par or non existent in some cases.

    • Felipe Mateus

      Nem fala mano aqui no Brasil precisamos de um milagre urgente..

  • Luke Bartlett

    is it “premature” to cite corruption in construction projects for the Olympic Games?

    • Thiago Luz

      Yes, there is … there is no doubt that …

      • Luke Bartlett

        Just to be clear, i was talking about the Olympics in general, and not just your country! :)

    • Steve S

      I hope you’re not suggesting that the IOC, UCI, FIA, UEFA, FIFA or any other uncontrolled, unaccountable swiss organisation ruining sport is corrupt :)

  • Thiago Luz

    Here in Brazil quite follow the cyclingtips … and yes, our country is in chaos, it is a shame!

    Several political scandals, embezzlement involving figures billionaire, one of the country’s fight for President Dilma skirt, the other so that it is … There are very late works for the Olympics being the most atrasadao Velodrome …

    Unfortunately today we had this accident with casualties (strength and unity to the family), the work cost almost 50 million, and had a primary error project does not provide low forces up … and if you’ll notice, there is a very old structure behind the new concrete columns reinforced rescem opened … the structure is there, totally intact!

    I hope in my heart that occurs all well in the Olympics, you are all very welcome and twist so that one day we can have a world tour ouuma team competition with the attendance of more topdo cycling teams


  • Carton

    Nitpick on Leblon and São Conrado: they’re neighborhoods of Rio, not towns in and of themselves. Though nestled between two ridges, São Conrado can surely seem like the latter.

  • Thiago Luz
    • Hurtin’ Albertan

      Absolutely nuts. The force of the wave coming up from under that path would be intense!


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