• wayneoau

    Slide 14 “But the big question is:” ??? Now I’m dying to know :)

    • Ah, yes. Formatting error. It’s fixed now. That question was: “Is it pro to have coloured bar tape?”

      • Arfy

        Oh, and I thought it was going to be “What is the minimum tint sunglasses you need to ride it?”

  • zosim

    #35 – The rack system has been around for ages. A lot of mountain bikers have them as for years, bolt through has been common on MTB but given loads of people have road bikes or older QR axle bikes too these adapters are commonplace. Available from most major manufacturers as well as budget ebay places.

  • noob_sauce

    With all the raves Focus’ RAT system has been getting, it’s a surprise it took this long for other companies to take it up.

  • Will

    You show Boonen’s top tube with the stickers showing a tall headset stack, then proceed to show his Roubaix as a whole which shows a slammed stem? Which was his bike??

    • Dave

      The one with the stickers is somebody else’s Tarmac, not a Roubaix. That’s the only inconsistency, the rest of the photos (except perhaps the wheel shots, which are unidentifiable) all show the same Roubaix.

  • James Hartwright

    I’d suggest it was very “pro” to be able to see your team behind you in the bunch at a glance.

  • roklando

    man, those Meridas are UGLY.

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