• Well, looks like my admiration for Boonen continues to grow. What a legend. Hopefully he’s there next year then.

  • Michael Sproul

    Absolute legend, a term overused now but genuinely fitting.

  • James

    Much class displayed there by Boonen not to forget the class also displayed by Matty Hayman. A refreshing change from some of the trash talk that goes on.

  • Legstrong

    Tom is my first ever favorite racer since I started riding and racing in 2011. I was gutted when he couldn’t overtake Hayman before the finish line but man, his aggressive riding and attacking alone had already made up my slight bitterness. Absolute legend. Kudos for Hayman for playing it smart. IMO, this year P-R >> RVV.

  • Laurens

    Where is that beautiful picture by Kramon with Hayman lifting the cobble and Boonen looking at it, genuinely happy for the winner?

  • philipmcvey

    I doubt many would begrudge Boonen a fifth win. Total class during and after the race. He didn’t quite have it, he probably knew that going in and yet he gave everything of what he DID have. There were a few shots of his face in the last 5km and that was the face of a man who committed totally. As a sports fan you can’t ask more than that of the competitors.

  • Dave

    Any rider like Boonen who has reaped so many rewards from having good team support (good to see Etixx finally go all in rather than racing each other) over the years knows it’s a fact of cycling that every domestique will have his day. Unfortunately for Boonen, Stannard and Vanmarcke it happened in a race they were targeting.

    The fact he can go home and see his specially reinforced mantlepiece holding the four cobbles probably helps a bit!

  • kristin

    In this Peter Sagan era, cyclists race for the 2nd place anyway.

    • david__g

      Except he wasn’t even in the top ten and doesn’t win everything so…this doesn’t make sense.

      • kristin

        I was talking about Boonen, joking that 2nd place is the new 1st.

        • david__g

          I didn’t realise we were changing how numbers worked.

          • kristin

            When you love Tom Boonen as much as I do… But point taken. I won’t try to be funny.

  • OverIt

    I think to declare a “winner” from a breakaway of 4-5 guys crossing the line within meter’s of each other after a race this long and dangerously hard is somewhat irrelevant. They are all worthy “winners” in my mind, and I think that’s reflected in Boonen’s and Hayman’s sentiments.


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