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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • sket

    I think I need a nap!

  • Aussie Bazza


  • Tim

    Stephen, do you know if the power data includes or excludes zeros? Cheers.

    • Ivan ?irovi?

      Power data includes zeros.

  • Luke Bartlett

    my legs are tired

    whats with the effort only reading 177km for the race over 6hrs?

    • “Hayman’s speed sensor dropped out after 177km … distances weren’t recorded for the remainder of the race …” :)

      • Luke Bartlett

        …always read the article before commenting… unless scrolling straight down to look raw power data of an aussie roubaix legend.

      • CapeHorn

        What head units do Orica use? (indeed, which PM’s?) Do they not have GPS as well? or?

        • MMaster

          Hayman uses SRM

  • Michele

    Here’s a couple more numbers from Mat’s amazing win:

    1. Michele in bed at 2.30 am Monday
    2. Michele up out of bed for work at 6.00 am Monday
    3. Michele been stuffed ever since

    Granted, the 3rd value is hard to quantify.

    In all seriousness, I found this very interesting. Great sleuth work too in collating / aligning the ‘missing data’.

  • SteveAck

    Great report. I said that I’ll watch till the aussies get dropped… The next day I was a bit tired so I went down to Cobra 9, and watched it again

  • MushieG

    Just the average speed of 44km/hr for 258km is mind boggling!!
    Especially that he wasnt in a pack and it was on cobbles!
    Impressive numbers – I wonder how long it will take him to recover from that?

    • jakub

      The average speed itself is not that much mind boggling I’d say. You can hide in the bunch all day, doing not much at all and have average like this. But the fact that he averaged 313W over 6 hours of racing, that definitely is amazing and shows how hard P-R really is.

      • I’d be stoked if I could manage 313W for one hour!

      • MushieG

        but he wasnt hiding…but yes 313w is amazing.

  • bc

    He’s a fair bit heavier in his TP profile (82) than wikipedia (78) or google (77). I guess it makes sense for the cobbles, but less sense considering that there’s a few ardennes classics on his program also.

  • Arfy

    Without knowing how TSS is actually calculated, if you multiply the 351W by the six hours that Hayman rode, and divide by the four hours flat-out equivalent of 400 TSS, then does that mean Hayman could theoretically hold 526W for an hour?

    • Jacob

      Using the eq. on training peaks you get 424 W. Pretty monster at 5.17 W/KG!!!

  • erin_2503

    In theory, his physiological max HR would be 183bpm. So…could’ve tried harder? (Joking!)
    Epic racing.

  • Doug McDougall

    WOW !! now that’s PRO.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I can confirm I will not be winning Paris Roubaix any time soon!

  • lowlander

    Would be awesome to compare sections of power files with riders in the break vs in the bunch. Very curious to see the effort of fighting for position before the cobbles quantified and some analysis on whether/how much being in the break for this race is a benefit from an effort perspective. A unique race for sure!

  • alkarpinsky

    haha as if you win Paris Roubaix, release your data files and leave the title “untitled workout”…

  • dypeterc

    This (releasing power file) should be de rigeur for the podium of all World Tour races.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017