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  • roddders

    Well, he would say that wouldn’t he.

    • Dave

      A few expedited TUEs should keep it froom becoming a problem.

  • Cameron Harris

    Uncle Fluffy Cookson seemed to respond to this one a lot faster than he did in relation to Moto-gate last week.

    • Dave

      Imagine if it was a British rider getting mown down by a UCI race official?

      I’m not sure whether to think this is a bad thing because he’s no more impartial than Verbruggen and McQuaid, or a good thing because it’s a small step forward to have it limited to national allegiance instead of other more murky links.

  • Don Cafferty

    I don’t understand Cookson’s scepticism. The number of dopers may be exaggerated, or not. It speaks to a realistic situation. Anti aging clinics are a source of product with the expertise to provide it. The story reinforces the belief that doping continues by utilising a micro dosing strategy. The athlete can believe that he/she is not really circumventing the rules. He/she is simply “topping up”. If not this, what evidence is needed? All sports are implicated, not just cycling. Sports are in danger of losing fan interest if no one follows up.

  • J Evans

    More and more with Cookson, he shows that perhaps he’s not just incompetent.
    This is appalling.
    Clearly, he should be staying entirely neutral on this matter – but already we have the president of the UCI claiming that doping isn’t going on; without seeing any evidence. Sound familiar?

    • Larry @CycleItalia

      Cookson should be smarter than to say something like this – he’s starting to sound like the previous UCI regime.And is he working to get those Puerto blood bags? Whatever happened to those?

      • J Evans

        He should be, but he isn’t. He’s either a moron, biased or both.
        I believe the Puerto bags court hearing is about May – but could be totally wrong.
        I am certain, though, that Cookson is doing nothing about it.

    • Dave


      100% of the evidence so far points to the current regime being no less corrupt than the previous one. There have been dodgy TUEs, a string of weird stuff with Katusha (owned by the UCI powerbroker who swung the support from McQuaid to Cookson), the incompetent handling of the Kreuziger fiasco, no progress on patching up the relations with the IOC, special deals with UK race promoters and worsening results on the UCI’s bread and butter issues like race safety.

      If the Cookson fans around the place are not happy with that, they should take their concerns to the man himself and suggest that he instigate actions that provide alternative evidence. He might want to call his predecessor for some advice, for even McQuaid managed to start going in the right direction when the pressure was on.

  • ummm…

    The brits enthusiasm with cycling is fantastic. It is great for the sport. What isn’t fantastic is that they think they are exceptional and are above doping.


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