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Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

April 21, 2016


Valderde takes fourth Flèche Wallonne win; Van der Breggen defends title in Flèche Wallonne Féminine; Landa wins first Trentino road stage; Cavendish wins stage two at Tour of Croatia; Will the UCI’s disc-brake ruling impact major bike brands — or will consumers even care?; Photo gallery: Tro-Bro Leon; MPCC reacts to motors in bikes report; Emma Pooley to make her comeback at ASDA Tour de Yorkshire later this month; Henao withdrawn from competition by Team Sky while UCI’s Cycling Anti Doping Foundation studies blood values; Disc brakes banned from L’Etape du Tour and other French sportives; Top five apps to improve your training; Victoria’s proposed overtaking laws: Do cyclists always need a metre of space?; Video diary: Adam Phelan Weekly; Orbea’s 175th Anniversary: The Movie; City of Melbourne cuts all locks securing bikes on roadway?; 360 degree view of bike prep ahead of Fleche Wallone

Valderde takes fourth Flèche Wallonne win

by Mark Zalewski

Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) knows just how to win the Flèche Wallonne. In this 80th edition of the race the Spaniard rode a perfect final climb up the Mur de Huy to claim his fourth victory. 

After catching the final remnants of the break, with Stephen Cummings (Dimension Data) valiantly hanging on solo for a few more kilometres and taking the climbing competition, the peloton collected itself as it raced towards Huy for the final time. Under 14km to go small attacks started to go on the rolling hills.

Tomasz Marchinski set off first, with a counter attack soon after that included Bob Jungels (Etixx-QuickStep), Georg Priedler (Giant-Alpecin)  and Jon Izaguirre (Movistar) just marking the move. At 9km to go another group of seven rolled off the front of the peloton, and this effectively ended any chance of a break surviving, ensuring the win would come on the Mur.

At 2km with the race all together about 50 riders remained, taking the turn into town. Onto the steeper slopes the favourites came to the front, led by Valverde and Dan Martin (Etixx-QuickStep). Joaquin Rodriguez (Katusha) made the first move but was quickly covered by Martin.

With that Martin was forced to go early and Valverde went along for the ride to take the victory ahead of Martin’s teammate Julian Alaphilippe.

1. es
VALVERDE Alejandro
Movistar Team
2. fr
Etixx - Quick Step
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Etixx - Quick Step

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Today’s feature image shows Flèche Wallonne winner Alejandro Valverde on the Mur de Huy.

  • muz

    Urgh, F*&^($# Valverde, the sooner he buggers of the better.

    • jules

      come on he’s done his time. obviously he is now doing 2000 situps a day instead of the mere 1000 when he was suspended and lifted his form to what it was when he was doping with pure grit and determination only.

    • Andy B

      he doesn’t seem to be fading with age.. should be going strong til 45 at this rate

    • perru

      probably it is because I am Spanish but…a far as I can recall, the guy was off for a couple of seasons…never tested positive again, all I can see here is envy…on top of that, all of those victories from February to November just because of juice?, guess what he is taking is better than what even Lance took. Anyway, me too have a lot of questions about Gerro’s perfomance being sort of chubby for a pro cyclist, but the guy never tested positive, so…to me, races clean.

  • Andy B

    Good to see renshaw riding well after his recent crash

    The decisions on disc brakes will certainly have some bearing on competitive riders
    However most guys I know that have road bikes with disc brakes wont care at all
    I’d be reluctant to buy a top spec race bike with discs at the moment until it settles down though and you know you’ll be able to use it?

  • choppy

    and serves you right if going anywhere near reid bikes!

  • Arfy

    I’m not sure we’ve heard the last of disc brakes in the peleton, quite a lot of brands including component manufacturers have invested heavily and will be keen to get their components back on TV. If these brands come together and get the weaknesses sorted out with common standards, safety features, etc then I think we can expect to see them back in the next year or so. The issue now is, as it has been since the UCI trial was announced, are consumers holding off on purchasing because of the uncertainty?

    • Dave

      I expect to see them back within weeks. All that’s needed is for the UCI to do a basic fact check.

      • Arfy

        Ha ha, keep holding your breath :)

        • Dave

          I fully expect the UCI’s sponsors to lean on them if it is not solved before the end of the Giro.

          • Arfy

            That depends on which stakeholder it was that convinced the UCI to ban them – was it the race organisers like RCS and ASO who don’t want a disc brake controversy in their major GTs, was it the teams who are not using discs and are sponsored by major bike manufacturers, or a combination? The ban was implemented so swiftly and without any further investigation into the safety claims that it’s hard to believe it was done based solely on safety, there had to be something brewing behind the scenes for a while.

  • Turbo

    What about http://letapeaustralia.com/ and disc brakes?

  • jules

    is it true that the “UCI ban (on disc brakes) only applies to its professional events”?

    I thought the UCI published technical regs. – which were available to be referenced by other bodies. all CA and CV events I’ve done apply the UCI tech. regs. – which I believe is how they enforce a ban on discs here.

    I suppose you could argue it’s not the UCI who’s doing the banning there, but CA/CV. but in practice, if the UCI put it in their tech. regs. – it applies very broadly.

    • choppy

      i guess CA/CV could in theory write “UCI technical regulations apply to this event, except disc brakes are also permitted”. However, I doubt they would. If the world body bans something for potential danger and then they allow it in an individual state/country etc then they will be exposed to a civil lawsuit when something goes wrong. I.e. “everyone else knew it was dangerous but yet you allowed this to happen”.

      • jules

        sure that’s potentially true. but as I understand it, in practice CA/CV just applies the UCI tech. regs. so the ban applies also to amateur events – although it’s not the UCI standing on the start line saying “non” to riders with disc-braked bikes.

        • Dave

          In this case, it would depend on whether the CA technical regulations consist of words to the effect of “go and look at the UCI website” or have a full copy of the UCI regulations. If the latter, the temporary suspension will only apply once the CA copy of the regulations is updated.

          • jules

            I think it’s the former, but even in the latter case – the regs. don’t allow discs – my understanding is that they were allowed only under special exemption for a trial in World Tour

            • Andy Logan

              Cycling NSW put out a Facebook post this week saying that disc brakes will not be allowed in competition.

  • Dave

    Can the one about the cut locks be updated to include the council’s response?

    “Our apologies, these works were done by one of our sub-contractors overnight and should have been postponed due to the presence of the bikes. We would like to get in touch with the people whose bike locks were cut, please contact us on 9658 8711.”

    • Maryljohnson

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      • jules

        you can’t buy a McLaren P1 for $18k. no one can possibly be stupid enough to fall for your scam


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