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Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

April 28, 2016


In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Kittel takes field sprint in first Romandie road stage; Modolo wins sprint in Tour of Turkey, stage 4; Shane Sutton resigns from British Cycling; Nikki Harris reacts to Van den Driessche’s suspension, says it is vital others are also held to account; UK’s top female cyclists speak out about sexist behavior within British Cycling; Meet Egan Bernal: Colombia’s newest cycling sensation; Shimano, SRAM sales numbers decline; From inside the peloton: Wout Poels; Ticketed cyclists win district court appeal; Video: Laurens ten Dam on his move to California; Video: Etixx-Quick-Step Fan Day

Kittel takes field sprint in first Romandie road stage

by Mark Zalewski

Marcel Kittel (Etixx-QuickStep) won the first road stage of the Tour of Romandie, timing his team’s lead-out well to take the field sprint ahead of Nicolo Bonifazio (Trek-Segafredo) and Michael Albasini (Orica-GreenEdge).

Albasini made a valiant attempt to thwart the sprinters inside the final few hundred meters, but the strength in numbers from Etixx-QuickStep allowed Kittel to be patient, overtaking the Swiss rider in final few metres.

The first road stage was shortened due to snow at the top of the major climb. Kittel said this played a factor in his win.

Prologue winner Ion Izagirre (Movistar) remains in the lead.


Stage 1: Mathod > Moudon - Stage Result

Wednesday 27th April 2016

1. de
Etixx - Quick Step
2. it
Trek - Segafredo
3. ch
Orica GreenEDGE

Today’s feature image from Kristof Ramon shows riders competing in the Tro Bro Leon in France.

  • Michael Sproul

    I’d suggest the decline in SRAM/Shimano sales is a direct result of current uncertainty over the whole disc brake “experiment”, I’ve personally held off on a new bike because I didn’t want to commit until I knew 100% what was happening either way.

    • Dave

      I would have said it would be because it’s counting sales revenue, not number of units produced. Of course their revenue is dropping when they are in a race to the bottom, resulting in other more agile companies positioning themselves to cater for the riders who want to replace their standard components with premium components.

      They used to say the poor man buys twice – but in this case the poor man who can’t afford upgrades (or simply doesn’t understand that Shimano is a brand, not what you call any bike with gears) ends up leaving his bike to rust in the shed rather than riding it.

    • CapeHorn

      They are claiming declining sales, And yet here I sit, 5 months waiting for a part on order from Shimano(Chainring bolts for 6800 crankset), apparrently the local disty doesn’t care enough to order them in. Last month I caved, deciding not to buy local,a nd grabbed them off ebay from Tawain and I had them in a week. Still waiting for the set locally.
      If this is how they treat people who want to purchase from them – is it any wonder they have are seeing issues?

    • Mark Blackwell

      Nah, the disk brake thing is too recent. Companies report results with a 3-6 week delay, and furthermore when you’re a component manufacturer you have a whole supply chain of bike manufacturers, importers/wholesalers, and finally dealers before you get to the end consumer… so your decision (and others similar) takes a long time to find its way into SRAM or Shimano revenue numbers. This is why component manufacturers can be surprised by slow sales, as they don’t always know how much stock is being held in the downstream channel.

      More likely it’s about a general slowdown in consumer discretionary spending… which is what high-end bikes are, as much as we all ogle our n+1’s and tell ourselves that we must have them!

      • Michael Sproul

        Na, not talking since Roubaix, I put off a bike purchase early last year as they were starting to talk about it then.

        • Mark Blackwell

          Nah, there was a 20% drop in sales, and I don’t think your bike was that expensive ;-)

          • Michael Sproul

            My partners reaction would make you think otherwise… :-D

    • jules

      I think that’s unlikely to be the main reason. Is it possible that a factor could be the growing popularity of 2nd hand buy and sell pages, e.g. on FB? it is so easy to purchase 2nd hand stuff these days, whereas 15 yrs ago you’d have to buy the Trading Post and there was only print advertisements.

      I buy most of my bike stuff 2nd hand. there’s so much quality 2nd hand stuff out there at a fraction of the new price.

      • martin

        I think you’re spot on here. I’m sure there’s a reasonable number of people replacing their gear very frequently which then feeds the second hand market with near mint kit.

    • velocite

      You may be right. The report in Cycling Weekly is pretty sketchy, but it infers that the problem relates to to a build up in bicycle inventories, I suppose that in turn implies a downturn in bicycle sales. The disc on road bikes question has been around for quite a while now, and I personally know people who haven’t bought yet because of that, and others who bought early. Myself, I’m putting off my new bike until etap comes in Wifli, which I need!

      • Michael Sproul

        Yeah, I keep checking delivery dates on etap myself, it’ll be interesting to see when they introduce not only Wifli but a clutch rear too.

  • Alex

    Shane Sutton is a massive bogan who comes off as having little decorum or understanding of appropriate thoughts / behaviours. I have no trouble whatsoever believe he is capable (and stupid enough) of saying what he is accused of

    • Bex

      absolutely believe he spoke as reported by others. Sounds a bit like the charlie walsh case, these guys are so driven and focused any niceties aren’t even considered.

  • Bex

    wow that ticked cyclist video made me tense up. The aggressiveness of the officer and the innocuous thing he pulled him over for… glad he took it to appeal and won. It’s a bit sad it was even an issue in the first place, not many people would bother fighting it. i can imagine similar things happening in NSW with the crackdown on cyclists.

    • velocite

      Has anyone ever had an experience resembling that in Australia? Maybe I’ve been lucky but I can’t imagine it. The cop in that video was a malevolent robot. And for the local court to uphold the claim? Incredible, and this was urban East coast America. I wonder, after the successful appeal did the cop get a reprimand or commiserations?

      • Anon N + 1

        Michigan “urban East coast America”? About as far from salt water as possible in the U.S. and about 17th place when the states in the U.S. are ranked in terms of urbanisation (about 75% according to Wikipedia).

        • velocite

          Ann Arbor looks like a suburb of Detroit, so surely urban. And OK, maybe ‘East coast’ is not right, but I meant East as distinct from the Wild West, which was where this video seemed to come from. And it’s definitely not as far from salt water as you can get in the US: try Nebraska, for instance. So, Google maps makes me an instant expert!

          I’m riding some Rocky Mountains later this year, so I hope things get better as you move West…

      • Absolutely, though not recently. That situation wasn’t about the law. It was about a person asserting their power.

        • velocite

          Anecdote? Video?

      • jules

        I’ve watched COPS on tv and American cops are unbelievable. their arrogance and completely over-the-top behaviour is a thing to behold. there seems to be a real attitude in the US of “as long they are focusing on people who aren’t like me, then I’m alright Jack and all for it”.

        • Dave

          We have TV shows in Australia which ham it up for ratings too. Even the name “60 Minutes” is an exaggeration as you only get just over half an hour once all the commercials and station promotions are subtracted.

          • jules

            I don’t think the US cops are hamming it up.

            is that a joke about 60 minutes? :)

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        TJ Hickey killed
        In Sydney.
        Less catastrophically
        I’ve twice been pulled over with a cop car contacting me or my bike physically – once crashing the car badly enough to need a tow.(no helmet incident!)
        (Little aboriginal kids & push bike couriers are fair game?)

        • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

          Years ago

    • Pete

      I’d love to hear what happened to the police officer. Presumably there was no discipline even involved. If so, he’ll just keep doing it again and again, and (as you suggest) 99.99% of people won’t even bother fighting it.

      • Nitro

        I don’t know if the US has seatbelt laws / what their applicability is to police officers, but personally I love the fact that there’s a good few seconds after the officer drives off at the end of the video where you can clearly hear the seatbelt-not-fastened warning beeper going off…

        • Dave

          The USA does not have a national seatbelt law.

          • jules

            the US has seat belt wearing laws but my guess is that cops have some kind of “I’m important” exemption. that’s a guess.

            what I do know is that some US states do not categorise failure to fasten a seat belt as a primary offence. what this means – sit down for this – is that you can be penalised for not wearing a belt, but you can’t be pulled over for not wearing one.

            try and get your head around that! in practice it means they have to catch you serendipitously.

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    • James

      Unbelievable arrogance from the police officer there.


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