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August 24, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

April 29, 2016


In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Quintana wins Romandie stage, takes lead; Mareczko bests Greipel in Turkey sprint; U23 Costa wins Bretagne stage, takes lead; What does Drapac’s partnership with Cannondale mean for its existing team?; Pooley says British Cycling’s discrimination problem goes beyond Sutton, questions Brailsford; More questions emerge for British Cycling with Sutton departure; Geraint Thomas writes in support of Sutton; An incomplete list of British Cycling’s issues with women riders; Rivera, Powless take over USA Cycling Pro Road Tour lead; Drugs, sex, cycling — Di Luca book tells all; Video: Red Hook: This time, it’s personal; Video: At home with Tom Stewart in Yorkshire

Quintana wins Romandie stage, takes lead

by Mark Zalewski

Nairo Quintana (Movistar) won the first big mountain stage of the Tour de Romandie, taking the leader’s jersey from his teammate Ion Izagirre, who now is third overall. The win came out of some controversy, with Katusha’s Ilnur Zakarin relegated for an irregular sprint after he came around Quintana at the finish. While the two were alone off the front, 20 seconds ahead of the next group, the time bonus on the line made it significant.

“I saw the opportunity to attack and did it,” said Quintana. “I felt well throughout the whole stage and wanted to try something from a long way out.” As for the relegation, Quintana said, “I think he did an illegal move, as far as the judges are concerned.”

While the overall classification came into focus for some, others lost their chances, including Team Sky’s Chris Froome suffering an ill-timed puncture just as the final two major climbs began.

The main move came from Nairo Quintana who attacked on the final climb with 6km to go. While at first a solo move, Katusha’s Ilnur Zakarin was able to bridge to him, while the other contenders grouped together behind, riding tempo.

With the top of the climb coming at two kilometres to go and only a 20 second advantage meant that Zakarin and Quintana needed to work together to the finish. With just slight rises inside the finale, Quintana rode the front trying to find an advantage, but Zakarin forced Quintana to lead, waiting and coming around him just after the final turn, with Quintana raising his arm in protest.


Stage 2: Moudon > Morgins - Stage Result

Thursday 28th April 2016

1. co
Movistar Team
2. ru
Team Katusha
3. pt
Lampre - Merida

Today’s feature image shows the peloton riding the first high mountain stage of the 2016 Tour de Romandie.

  • Legstrong

    I watched the replay of the finish multiple times. I didn’t see him doing dangerous maneuver or trying to impede Quintana. IMO, that old man’s reaction lead to the officials reviewing the finish and might have felt obligated to grant him a win. He wasn’t man enough to accept defeat.

    • Dave

      I wonder if Orica would have protested Poels on Sunday night if they knew that getting a tow to the line was now illegal?

      • Legstrong

        Hah. Albasini was the strongest guy in that group but he clearly wasn’t focused for 1-2secs where he missed covering Poels’ attack. In general, that race was a disappointment. A lot of guys were hesitant whether or not to chase in the final KMs. And I abandoned my Sunday morning ride just to watch a shiz show /end rant.

  • muz

    Loving the daily digest being done overnight and ready for us downunder folk when we arrive at work!

    Peter Kennaugh, that guy sounds like an absolute tool. Was it Pat Shaw that gave him a earful at the TDU? He must be feeling quite happy he took the opportunity to do so now.

    • Marcus

      I agree, CT’s news has become a ritual for me. Arrive at work, get coffee, sit down and read the daily digest. Been like that for quite a few years now, I’d be lost without it ;)

      In reference to Peter Kennaugh, he could well do with taking heed to a piece of advice I was told very early in my career – “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt” (I forget this quite often though). I don’t know what it is about Kennaugh, but he is one of the few riders I can’t bring myself to like.

      • Cameron Harris

        You mean Rococorba Daily, right?

        • Marcus

          I do indeed

  • Jackson

    There was no problem with Zakarin’s sprint but I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him given his past.

  • Gavin Adkins

    FYI Kennaugh has very recently reinstated his twitter account and tweeted an attempt at an apology. Bit of a moving target that story. What a powertool though.

  • Michael Sproul
  • Dave

    Richie Porte out of the Tour of Romandie with unspecified sickness, possibly an acute case of repeatitis.

    This seems to happen to him a lot, considering the lengths that the big budget teams like Sky and BMC go to with preparing food and providing all the resources to help the riders recover well at the end of each day.

    • jules

      he gets sick a lot, that was my thought too. poor bloke. I hardly ever get sick. I’m not a pro either, but some amateurs I know get sick all the time.

      • Dave

        He never seems to get sick with anything specific either. He should have at least taken a few pointers from his mate Chris about how to “come down with” something that can get you a TUE for certain banned steroids.

      • Dave

        The plot thickens – BMC says it’s gastro. How on earth did they let that happen?

  • Nathman

    Doesn’t Drapac already have that development squad in the form of Pat’s Veg?

    • jules

      I suspect the new one will be a bit more international. Although I’ve seen the PV shop on Sydney Rd and no one can deny the international flavour of that part of Melbourne.

  • Dave

    Great article on Cycling Weekly today… http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/23-top-cycling-related-jobs-223007

    I like the suggestion of riding the derny. I would eat lots of pies to increase the draft I could offer to the riders behind ;-)


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