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  • Andy B

    I cant help but feel gerro isn’t the right man to lead an Olympic squad, he is a rider who works best with strong team support ; given the smaller teams in the Olympics I cant see him getting the win

    traditionally I would see more of an all rounder capable of a solo effort would be a stronger pick which for Australia could be porte if the race is hilly enough or perhaps Matthews would be a better bet for a small bunch finish

    • Given how hard the course is I’d say it’s extremely unlikely Matthews will be able to get to the finish with the leaders. My feeling is that Gerrans is likely to struggle as well: those three, 8.5km-long climbs towards the end will be raced at a very high tempo and I’d say they’re probably just a little too long for Gerrans.


      On paper Porte is probably Australia’s best bet of victory. But he’ll probably need to get away solo for that to happen … which could be hard given the calibre of riders that will be hitting their straps once the pace ramps up (Froome, Contador, Nibali, Valverde etc.)

      It’s possibly even a race that could suit a well-timed breakaway. As you say, few nations will have enough riders to fully control the race and it might just be that if a strong group gets away early in the day, or on the first of those three final climbs, they might just make it to the end.

      Should be a fascinating race!

      • Dave

        Who made that profile? The altitude of the Grumari and Grota Funda climbs are different on each lap!

      • Saeba R.

        Yeah he will get shelled on those climbs assuming he is in the bunch.

        • Dave

          His performance going off the back on the short climbs at LBL certainly puts that out of doubt.

    • Dave

      I agree about Gerrans, he’s not suited to either the Olympics or World Championships this year.

      I don’t see Porte as being that suitable as a leader either, his tactical knowledge is more suited to one week tours than winner-takes-all one day races where there is no team radio. He’ll also be coming off the Tour de France where BMC will be wanting a full three weeks from him.

      My men’s RR team:
      Simon Clarke, Adam Hansen, Rohan Dennis, (Richie Porte or Jay McCarthy)

      My women’s RR team:
      Carlee Taylor, Rachel Neylan, Katrin Garfoot, Amanda Spratt

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