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  • Mad respect. Love the closing paragraphs.

  • Andy B

    :) cant get enough of reading about this

  • Hamish F

    Still getting goose bumps when I read this article….amazing job by Matty. Really helps keep my late 30’s dreams alive!

  • RWH

    Had the pleasure of meeting Mat Hayman up at the Greenedge ride in Nagambie late last year, not only did he happily get photos taken, but he spent another 10 minutes with my 13 year old and I telling us how much he loved Paris-Roubaix, wanted to do “more” their for his team and sponsors to thank them, and his hopes for this years race. I was devastated to see him get injured a few weeks ago and didn’t actually even think he would be racing. Watching the last 115km’s and was on the edge of my seat, best thing I have seen in cycling for many years and it is absolutely true that every domestique has their day! Couldn’t be happier

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    I’m a big proponent of never apologizing when you win, but this guy is pure class. As an American, I had never heard of him until watching the race today. Big fan now. Well done, Mr. Hayman. Very well done indeed.

  • Simon Gamble

    And then the guy with a broken arm holds up a cobblestone. Super hero!

  • a different ben

    Snarky comment, but… does Mat Hayman’s wife have a name?

    • Julian Lynch


      • Dave

        Did you check to see if he has previously mentioned her by name in an interview before posting? Convention with athletes is to show the same respect for the privacy of their family members as they do.

        • Julian Lynch

          No. Good call I’ll ask her.

          • Dave

            This is important stuff. Many partners/parents/kids of athletes don’t want to be in the public eye, and the media know to respect those boundaries or risk losing their access.

            • Shane Stokes

              Hey folks, I spoke to her yesterday but in all the rushing about I didn’t get a chance to ask her name. I then searched online, found no mention, and emailed the team. The team didn’t reply, so I guess they prefer not to give family names etc. If they get back to me I’ll add it.

              • Rob Arnold

                Kym Hayman (nee Shirley).

              • a different ben

                It must have been a wee bit crazy there.

    • Julian Lynch

      It’s Mrs Hayman

  • velocite

    When I see a solo win like van Summeren’s I think I categorize it as a once-off, opportunist, having a good day, bad tactics behind kind of thing. Of course everyone knows van Summeren was very strong, but he was never expected to star. But Hayman’s victory can’t be dismissed in similar terms. Having worked and positioned himself perfectly all day he then proved stronger than all his star companions, in the course of trading attacks on the way into the velodrome and then burning them off over half a lap. I’m wondering why a rider that good was a domestique? What determines how a career pans out? How big a thing is personality, or the agent you hire? Anyhow, terrific race and great call by Matt and Robbie.

  • Ihatehills

    Super result for a great bloke.
    Mat tagged onto our Sat bunch once or twice a few years ago. Cruised along, chatted to everyone, posed for some pics with the young riders (and a few old fan boys).
    Watching the win brought a tear to this grumpy bastards eyes.
    My only regret is I wish I’d got on at the 800/1 odds mentioned in the coverage! :-)

  • Peceman

    I enjoyed reading this. Great to see a super domestique win! Great insight and story. I would really like to see Matt’s previous P-R attempts/results. I have tried to look up but hard to find all of them, cycling tips can you help?

  • mikeweb66

    What a class act – and that goes for Boonen too. This is what P-R is all about!


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