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  • J Evans

    Somebody – anybody – should have punched that twat running along with the riders.
    A lot of people shouted at him, but where were the police/stewards?

    • J Evans

      I meant the guy in the yellow suit, but same applies to the prick who comes later.
      Punishment beatings – the only way.

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        And that irritating moaning fuck on the forum too

  • MadBlack

    Thanks Cosmo! Always a fresh view on what was happening! Keep ’em coming!

  • Oldan Slo

    Re: Froome. There was a short clip during coverage of him climbing out of a roadside ditch and back on his bike.

  • Dell Todd

    It’s so great having you back Cosmo. You can speak faster than I can comprehend, but here you slowed down 1% and it makes all the difference. Your race reviews are stupendously awesome. Keep up the outstanding work.

  • Andy B

    Well ridden by Poels, tough conditions indeed

  • CrampAndGoSlow

    Cosmo is THE BEST race analyst out there. I need to watch these pieces 3X to get all of it. I’ll sit through all the product ads you want if you could muster the resources he needs to do EVERY race, EVERY stage.
    I pray Fausto, make it so.


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