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August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
  • wayneoau

    Did Hayman have a rear flat when he hit the velodrome or is it just standard low cobble pressure?

    • Michele

      Good pick up. Not sure; it’s def a little lower than the front, and lower than Tommeke’s rear – unless it’s an optical illusion.

  • Andy B

    What happened to all of Sagans team mates?

    • a different ben

      He had team mates?

    • Notso Swift

      Same place they always are
      No Bennati or Bodnar means no one

  • Andy B

    Been waiting for this all day! awesome work :) thank you
    What a race

  • binotto

    Thanks Cosmo!!

  • Cameron Harris

    Thanks Cosmo!

  • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

    Cosmo is king!
    See the cycling news wrap up vid if you want a suspense & detail free spoiler

  • Frank Kotter


    Always assumed CC was able to pick up so much detail in a race because he was sitting for weeks in a New England apartment watching and re-watching each and every second. Now that his turnaround time is ‘same day’ without any loss of insightful observations, I can only believe he is actually that good.

    Great work on the ad insertion to the whole CT team: shows us who is directly financing Cosmo’s work and the old school radio show style intro actually works really well. Thanks Scott!

    • winkybiker

      The ad was absolutely fine. This has to be paid for somehow. I’d like to know what happened to the rest of Sagan’s team, too.

      • Frank Kotter

        Oh, I think you missed my point. It was not said sarcastically at all. I think it works just great and the intro, the fact that it is actually cut into the piece is all great stuff. It’s oldschool and I actually like it way better than the ‘advertorial’ and ‘PRs as news’ BS direction that most media is heading.

        • winkybiker

          No, I didn’t take your comment as sarcastic. I’m agreeing with you. The ad was actually pretty interesting and at least honest. Not like the creeping advertorial approach, as you say.

  • Ollie

    Outstanding as always, great work Cosmo!

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    BRAVO! I’ll sit through all the Scott commercials you want to enjoy these.

  • Dennis

    Excellent HTRWW as usual! The ads are so over-the-top compared to Cosmo’s low-key delivery that I can never tell if they’re ads or if he’s just sort of putting them there to suffer by the comparison. (I’ll gladly watch any ads that support this, of course!) Also, at two different parts of the video I saw light blue Sky bottles bouncing out of cages. Have they not seen the endless galleries of “P-R tech” that show grip tape attached to bottle cages?

    • Mikael_L

      GCN did a video of some of the tech changes that come in for the cobbles pre-Flanders & mentioned that the Sky mechs had added sandpaper to the cages on all the rider bikes (+ spares), so I’m assuming they did have something in place, but it still didn’t help.

  • muz

    my 2p – Luke Rowe might (and it’s a big might) have avoided his crash if he’d been paying attention, he looks away as he comes into the corner, next thing his team mate bins it and he’s just looking back up with no time for a panic avoidance manoeuvre. Easy to sit back and criticise but corners aren’t the place to take a cat nap.

    Stannard on the other hand…

  • Mr Bailey

    With Cancellara retiring I’m going to miss that comeback chase synth.

  • AM

    Its funny. I think if Boonen wouldnt have come around Hayman as they came into the velodrome, he would have won. He a few seconds trying to get off the front, and in turn, got boxed in. I think if he lets Hayman lead into the stadium, hes probably a 5-time winner.

    • Ronin

      Yeah. I think that was Boonen’s to lose. You might also say that, when Hayman went to the top of the track, leaving Boonen in the sprinter’s lane, if Boonen had gone right then, instead of pausing, he might also have won. Hayman just did not get a lot of momentum coming down, and this would have put Boonen in the lead, where he still had some power. You can see it when he finally tries to come around Hayman. Sure, it wasn’t Tornado power, but it might well have been enough to hold the lead against Stannard and Sep, both of whom were pretty wrecked.

      I loved this edition. I wanted to see Boonen make history. It was sad, but inspiring also. Boonen raced far better than anyone expected. And, the way he got beat by Hayman, and the way Hayman rode the race, was a marvel.

  • Pete23

    Yay, go cosmo, great edition of P-R and HTRWW. Glad these are back as a semi regular occurrence

  • Almost the century fire HTTWW too. Milestones everywhere.
    Congratulations to Cosmo for sure.

  • noob_sauce

    Irony, ad for Scott Solace as cobbles bike, Hayman won on a Foil

  • Stretch

    Thanks Cosmo. Another great analysis. Hope you can keep them coming for the Ardennes classics?


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August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017