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  • Jamie Morton

    It always really helps me to know that there’s a reason for the way I feel. My life isn’t terrible; I’m not falling out of love with my spouse; I’m not a terrible person; I’m just bummed out after my race. Once I have a logical reason for feeling like crap, it makes me feel less crappy. So in that regard, this article is helpful in letting people know that there’s a reason for what they’re feeling.

  • kamoteQ

    Maybe lactic acid seeps into one’s brain and kills all the motivation to ride or train again. And the only remedy is to rest until the enthusiasm returns. Of course, this has no scientific basis.

  • Craig

    Post my best ACE250 I’m just enjoying riding without it being *training* and not making PB’s my goal, I head out to the Dandenongs just because I love the surroundings and it’s a beautiful place to ride. Also, as I do most of my training solo I’m catching up with friends on the bike and not focusing on numbers……OK so maybe I’ve penciled in the ACU320 for next year :)

  • Lisa Eriksson

    best post-race remedy? – keep racing! Have more races on your schedule than just one big on with a 8 month build-up! I’m in season now and racing every Monday, Thursday & Saturday and/or Sunday. Its great, no post-race blues! :) Maybe I’ll get some blues after my last race of the season, but then we’re on to off-season and I get to eat ice cream and french toast again – YAY! :))

  • Sara Gross

    Great article Meg! The same thing happens post-Ironman for a lot of people. Keep talking about it!


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