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  • Lach

    Thanks for this. I’ve just started racing again and noticed my sprint had a good ‘kick’ element but absolutely nothing after that & I’ve been wondering what to do to increase it. I’ll follow your training advice and see how it goes!

  • Eryn

    I understand that this will vary depending on each of our abilities to process lactic…. but roughly how long would you suggest between efforts?

    • Sam Young

      Usually 3-4 minutes is sufficient to clear 95% of the lactic. I tend to program Standing Starts with three minutes in between efforts. By the end of the set you’ll be done, but it’s enough to go hard every time.

      • Eryn

        Thanks Sam ?

  • Eryn

    Good article by they way – thanks very much! I’d be interested to know a little more on gear selection and from how far out you should aim to be on top of the gear after you “kick from 200 to go”

  • Samantha Vroomen

    This is a great article with some very good sprint info. Thanks for posting! Are there any positive effects from trying to do a couple sprints at the end of an endurance ride (similar to a race)? Or is it better to do the two rides separately for maximized results?

  • I need to learn how to throw my bike over the line! Please can I request that as your next article commission? Thanks!

  • Altimis Nuel

    Its all about form, bad form = bad sprint

    End of story

  • mt

    Great Tips!


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