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  • Mandy Rudwick

    It was a fabulous day all round. I have done a lot of cycling events and this was easily the best I have done. Scenery, organisation, food, even a bubbly at the end! I loved it and will be back next year. :)

    • Maryljohnson

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  • jules

    congrats to all the women who rode the event. great to see. does anyone know if that bus driver made bail?

  • Derek Maher

    Very well done to the organizers and riders who took part. Training and getting people involved without wiping them out on the road spins and having fun is the key.

  • winkybiker

    Outstanding stuff. This is the sort of thing that inspires people with respect to cycling.

  • Keelius

    Well done to all involved with this event. It was great to see all the locals out cheering and all the volunteers did a great job – even down to responding to less than savoury remarks from motorists at some of the road blocks!! The atmosphere and camaraderie out on the ride was great. I ‘encouraged’ some newbies along for the ride (65km option) and they absolutely had a ball and already are looking forward to have a crack at the 100km next year-plus they have already signed up for another mass participation ride in May. =)

  • De Mac

    Great photo of our local stalwarts – Robyn and Vicki in this article!!! From all reports it was a fantastic opportunity for some new and not so new female cyclists to have a crack at a challenging course. Well done to the organisers.


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