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  • Berne Shaw

    I very much like hearing he is in good hands with people who actually have realistic medical knowledge. This is rare, truly rare as other objectives can obscure reality. His best chances of recovery and greatness lie within this curve of recovery.

  • roddders

    Bmc seems to be full of some pretty dodgy and dubious staff!

  • Jeffrey Swainhart

    Great article. Lots of detail etc. I was super concerned after that crash and feared Taylor might never make it back to the peloton, especially as the months stretched out. His successes last year were pure joy. I’m looking forward to see how far he can take it.

    • Catherine Rodriquez

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  • dooogan

    The title of this article makes it seem as if Phinney is about to up and quit the professional peloton when clearly that is not the case. The man is recovering from a life changing injury and doing incredibly well for what he’s been through.

    • Michele

      I think you’ve read a little too much into it.


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