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  • jules

    watching that doco about Wiggo, it’s clear that Shane Sutton is pretty old school. it’s great to have a coach who is hard as nails and tells it like it is, but sometimes those people don’t know where to draw the line.

    • ummm…

      it is true. i think his attitude towards both men and women athletes under his management makes it hard to make a case for his continued employment.

  • GC_Frosty
    • Erica Jones

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  • Dave

    This post/rant goes a long way to showing exactly why she probably didn’t deserve to have her contract renewed.

    With two years of no major results other than a couple of third places at the Commonwealth Games (third places which did *not* involve beating powerhouse riders like Kristina Vogel, Elis Ligtlee, Guo Shuang, Virginie Cueff etc) and being on the cusp of Olympic elimination going into the World Championships, she should not have needed to be told that her performance was not up to scratch.

    It’s not all over just because she’s the third sprinter trying to get into a team of one or two for Rio. It just means that she no longer has the luxury of being pencilled in and that she’ll need to race her way back up the ranks. Perhaps she could draw some inspiration from current cyclists in other countries who would crawl over broken glass to get a fraction of the support she’s had, or even British cyclists like Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton who got to the top on the back of pure hard work before the London 2012 largesse started flowing.

    We saw a bit of this sort of problem in Australia after the high of an excessively-funded performance at a home Olympics, most notably when our cyclists other than Anna Meares tanked at Beijing 2008 and the London 2012 crash of Australian swimming. Both those sports have bounced back from that now though – especially swimming with its abandonment of a national program in favour of competitive trials.


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