Marianne Vos: ‘The crash was totally my own fault’

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In the final meters of Dwars door Westhoek, a small group of nine riders were sprinting full gas around the final left turn bend when a rider on the inside line made contact with the barricades. She lost control of her bike and just a few breath-halting seconds later, was lying awkwardly and face down on the ground, just 50 metres from the finish.  It was Marianne Vos.

Meanwhile, the pack sprinted on around her and Christine Majerus (Boels-Dolmans) went on to take the win, but all eyes were on Vos. Luckily, the crash looked worse than it was, her team announced via a statement.

The crash, while bad, had ‘no major consequences’, the team said. Vos is bruised, with her right hip, shoulder and elbow taken the majority of the impact, but nothing’s broken.

“It was totally my fault,” Vos admits. “I was in front, but noticed that there was someone coming. I gave it some extra power, but my rear wheel came up off the cobblestones and I was launched into the fence. My own fault because I was leaning too far forward. The center of gravity was too far in front. ”

Aside from the obviously bodily pain, Vos felt disappointment for missing out on a possible victory.

“Christine Majerus was coming and had momentum, [the sprint] would have been close,” Vos said. “It’s a shame I can not finish it, but on the other hand, this also could have ended much worse. It is not too bad now. Tomorrow I’ll be stiff and sore, but here I’ll get over it.”

CORVOS_00026504-001 (1024x683)
With the extra power, Vos’ rear wheel pops off the cobbles
CORVOS_00026504-004 (1024x588)
She runs into the barricades and tries to stay upright but…
CORVOS_00026504-005 (1024x644)
Vos crashes hard onto the cobbles.

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