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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • DJP

    Fantastic effort, well done…

  • Michele

    Well played Matt. Great race – had everything. Aggression, suspense, and thanks to Sky, an all too brief comical sub-plot.

    Boonen classy afterwards as well. Must have been disappointed. But at same time showed some genuine joy for Matt.

    Maybe Boonen realised that if Matty can win this race as basically a 38 year old, he’s got a chance yet of bagging his 5th.

    Fabian too showed immense class in the velodrome. I believe he did the last part of his final lap shoeless.

    Nice to see an Aussie win P-R without an * slash ? mark against his name.

    • Michael Sproul

      Was that before or after he fell on his arse trying to fly the Swiss flag? :P

    • Secret CritPro

      ‘an all too brief comical sub-plot’

      • Michele

        No far from it.

        Sky were looking super strong – 5 (or was it 6?) riders in the Boonen group. No one doing much work – Etixx and Lotto doing most of the driving.

        Eventually Sky did come to the front (Sagan / Fabian were looking to close the gap), and in the space of 2 or 3 minutes had – all bar Stannard – self destructed on corners. Luke Rowe was very impressive getting back on.

        But to me, those crashes were race defining. Sky held the balance of power – I’m sure if they managed to keep it upright we could’ve seen a completely different race unfold.

        • Robert Merkel


          That said, it seemed to just be bad luck that the Sky riders crashed, rather than bad management.

          • Michele

            Oh for sure.

            It was like Murphy’s Law. They had bided their time pefectly, picked the perfect time to come to the front and assert themselves and down they went.

            And until he crashed, Sky’s Moscon was “BOG”. 21 years old, looked so composed and still finished in top 40 – on debut.

            Super talent.

        • Secret CritPro

          Cool. It’s not a race were the tactics teams like Sky so successfully implement in tours, work. A good win for Haymen, feel good wins also help the sport.
          Felt for Yogi, as he animated the race, and poor Fab, crashing on his lap of honour…

          • Abdu

            Under Scott Sunderland, Sky took over a Classics-specific team and did a lot of testing, reccie’s, etc. for Roubaix. If they kept to his standards, they would have had several sets of race plans I reckon. With two team leaders, it doesn’t take much to switch to the one still upright. Stannard was entitled to go for it on that bend too, would have expected nothing less from anyone trying to win. Makes Hayman’s ride all the better. When you look at it, Haymen beat the best at their best. Much as I can’t like Servais Knaven for being a doper, he won his after a similar number of tries and didn’t ‘luck in’ either.

        • Dave

          Karma in advance for Stannard escorting Hayman off the road?

          • Michele

            I had no problems with Stannard on that bend. He was super aggressive.

            But boy, wasn’t Sep almost Kamikaze on some of those cobble corners.

      • Abdu

        Sky tumbling over themselves was comical, harsh sure, but if you play the Benny Hill theme in your head it feels that way…they were like circus acrobats, just kept tumbling…your reference to a doping snide remark about the * slash ? surely referring to Stuey O’Grady?

  • Mário Simas

    6h that went so rapidly. Amazing race

    • Steel

      Not too often you can genuinely say there were 150 kilometres of exciting racing, but that’s what we got last night.

  • jms

    Great write-up, love the “Reactions” / Quotes section at the end. More of these in the future would be appreciated.

  • Michael Sproul

    FFS I can’t believe we’ve had another rider injured after being hit by a moto.

    Edit. I’m absolutely disgusted actually, how is this still happening?

    • Lach

      It’s horrifying footage isn’t it.

    • Nick Clark

      The Trek rider at the end of the last video sums it up – “Why so close?”

  • Can’t wait for this backstage pass from OGE.

    • Dave

      Yep, it will probably be their best yet.

      Did you notice on the coverage last night that Dan Jones managed to wangle his way into the soigneurs’ zone inside the back straight of the velodrome and was right there when Hayman arrived after finishing?

    • Abdu

      Let me guess, ’80s cock rock sound track and lot’s of man hugs and maayyyte!!!

      Kidding, just kidding.

  • starsky

    “you always dream deepest right before you wake up” I’m sure Matt has dreamt of this moment his whole career, this is truely EPIC.

  • Still can’t get over Sagan’s bike handling skills there.

  • Dahlsv1

    Had it not been for Boasson having to close most of the gaps in the last 15-10k I think he would have won it! He´s got 10 years to reach Hayman´s age, so there´s still many chances left! Excellent race by Hayman and a major effort coming back from being dropped.

  • Should be a quality “How the Race was Won!”

  • All class from Mat Hayman. To win, and then to say he would have been happy to finish in 2nd behind Tom. That photo of him holding up the cobble, with Tommeke looking at him says it all.

    • OverIt

      For sure, the naysayers about cycling can bang on all they like, but the words spoken by the winner and runner-up and the photo’s of genuine respect and well wishes for each other show that there are some very decent people out there.

      • Dave

        And good to hear an OGE winner give us something a bit different to Gerro’s well practiced litany about the team support.

  • Andy B

    I was half asleep watching this happen, felt surreal
    Had trouble getting back to sleep after seeing him win though
    Well deserved, he did a lot of work and its great to see after so many attempts he got his day

    Kudos to Tony Martin too, that guy is a machine.

    • a different ben

      I lay awake (in bed) for a good hour afterwards!

  • Nathan

    What a race from Matt Hayman! Smart, gutsy and completely brilliant! One of the most down to earth genuine guys you are ever likely to meet and a true hard man. Oh, and he got his start as a junior at the Canberra Cycling Club so Canberra will be claiming this as a joint effort if that is ok with everyone : )

  • Luke Bartlett

    plus, Australia now sits at the top of the table in world tour rankings!

    what a race, hayman seemed so genuinely stoked and boonen so much class.

    • Dave

      Five Aussies in the top 30 if you count Koen de Kort!

      Good for the SBS commentators to give a shout out to Nick Dougall who grew up in Brisbane and uses his dual citizenship to race with a South African licence. Maybe if he turns out well we could get him back like we did with Haussler!

  • Nick Clark

    Best race I’ve seen in a while, and what a finish! Matt’s ‘have I won?’ expression after the finish was absolute gold.

    Impressive ride by Durbridge as well, it’ll be interesting to see what he does in the Classics over the next few years.

  • JBS

    As much as I love the result, I can’t help be feel that was Boonen’s last shot of taking the record, which is disappointing.

    Given I was cheering Tom home last night should I hand in my citizenship?

  • Abdu

    Any news on Mitch Docker? Sounded nasty.

    • Michael Addison

      Looked bloody horrific!


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017