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  • Valiant Abello

    As a Colombian, and one who tries to follow each and every escarabajo, I very much appreciate this write up. What an exciting young talent!

    • Diane Lecroy

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    • Escarabajo – beetle? Columbian term of endearment? Lost in translation for me ;-)

      • Valiant Abello

        The story goes that a member of the press, looking for a nickname to give to these tough little climbers came upon “escarabajo” because, like the cyclists, they are small, but work really hard, and carry a lot of weight.
        Also, Colombia is home to the largest beetle in the world, the Hercules beetle, so they’re “ours”, so to speak.
        Hope this makes sense.

  • J Evans

    Very interesting article – thanks Daniel.

    Bit of a punt by Savio, seeing as he barely has any experience.

    Four year contract raises the eyebrows a bit – for both – but I suppose that’s only till he’s 23.

    As for the numbers, one wonders – I’ve no idea – how these continue once the rider no longer lives permanently at altitude.

    LeMond’s 92.5% has always stuck out for me.


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