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  • ebbe

    Nooooooo! :-(

    But of course, I do wish Mick all the best with making up for all those thing he’s had to miss, because he was busy giving us something to enjoy

  • Hyun-ji Song

    It’s for the better I think. He has had a great career and his daughters and wife need him now.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Sad news, but a wonderfully written retirement announcement. His TdF and Giro stage wins are amongst my favourites.

  • Cam

    What a classy way to retire.

  • velocite

    What a loss to the sport. Terrific athlete with humour and grace. Absolutely loved his taking a bow when he won that TdF stage – beautifully theatrical. Great that he got through so much of a career, and best wishes to him.

  • Andy B

    All the best for the future
    Congratulations on a great career :)
    I found him to be really humble and approachable guy!
    some great wins too

  • Holby City

    Chapeau Mick! A great career. Could have had a much higher finish in the TDF in 2007 as he was the virtual leader during Stage 8 but crashed breaking his collarbone. Possibly doped during his career but because it was so commonplace in his era it’s forgivable.

  • Robert Merkel

    Good luck to him in the future.

    I’ve never met him, but from reading his tweets (as well as this nicely written retirement announcement) he seems like somebody who has a very deep knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for his sport, something he seems to have maintained right through his career.

    I hope that he can find some way to pass that knowledge on to the next generation.

    That said, like most of that era, his early career at the pointy end of the sport was at a time when doping was taken to extraordinary levels, and his connections with some of the dodgiest figures are now a matter of historical record. I hope at some stage that he might give some kind of accounting of that time. Probably a folorn hope given the tar and feather mentality anybody who admits anything is faced with, but it’d be nice if he could.

  • dypeterc

    All these pros that rose to prominence during the Epo days are now having heart issues… Wonder why… Too thick of blood (possibly) finally took it’s toll on his aortic valve.

    • jakub

      I don’t think that this has anything to do with doping. Bicuspid aortic valves tend to degenerate also in normal population, nothing unheard of. Aortic stenosis and regurgitation (leaking of the valve) are very common. You have to keep in mind that his condition is not serious, or causing any limitations in a normal life. However, top-level endurance sports put heart under strenous loads, so even a mildly leaking valve increases likelihood of arrhythmias. At 36 years of age, it makes no sense for him to risk and push further, even if he potentially could continue.

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        So interested & full of respect for what ‘you think’
        So informed

      • dypeterc

        Prevalence of aortic regurgitation is between 2-30%. Epo-induced polycythemia (hematocrit higher than 50%, normally 40-50% in men) could potentially lead to aortic regurgitation. Basically, blood would be thicker and afterload (systemic vascular resistance) would increase. Increased afterload is one of the leading causes of aortic regurgitation.


        There needs to be a study on heart problem prevalence within the peloton. It would yield interesting results.

    • Roger Comstock

      Do you understand the meaning of the word ‘congenital’?

      • dypeterc

        What does that have to do with it? So he had a valvular defect to begin with. High hct exacerbated defect. Still doesn’t change my opinion that there was some fishiness going on here. Lance was clean too right?

        • Roger Comstock

          You say “All these pros that rose to prominence during the Epo days are now having heart issues”. That is an exaggeration. In this case, we know he had a congenital heart condition. We don’t know any more than that about this particular case, and going any further is pure speculation. By all means speculate, but with lines like “High hct exacerbated defect” you go too far.

          Either way, he was a awesome rider and I enjoyed watching him race over the years.

          • dypeterc

            Do we know he had a congenital heart condition? Just because a team doc says so, doesn’t mean it’s true.

            Paging Dr. Ferrari… Paging Dr. Ferrari.


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