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  • ebbe

    Having/hiding a motor in your bike is not illegal (in Belgium), not even in a race. This has already been confirmed by the Belgian (sports) authorities. Actual doping is illegal and can land you in court in front of a real judge, but mechanical fraud isn’t. The authorities have no reason or grounds to get involved. Since the entire entourage is basically the Van Den Driessche family and a few volunteers that help out with the bikes, there is nothing the UCI can do either, outside mandating all other teams to never hire them, or risk losing their own licenses. UCI could go after the sponsors (Kleur op Maat and NoDrugs) or the Belgian National team, but that would be a pretty hard case to make, since they will probably fight back up to the point of taking this to a real court. UCI would then most likely loose that case, since they can not prove involvement, and no crimes have been committed. That could very well land the UCI in a worse position than they are currently, so if I was their lawyer I would advise against that.

    Moreover, what is the point? This case is being showcased as some sort of “we got ’em” of an organised underworld network of shady criminal electric engine smugglers working from hidden sweatshops selling contraband, where “everybody must have been involved” in the cover up. While in fact, every consumer can have this exact set up done at several hundred bike shops all over the world.

    Or, just buy the kit over the internet and install it yourself if you’re a half decent home mechanic. The next step is a bit more difficult: You then cut open your down tube, put the battery in it, close it up with a few layers of carbon, and finally paint over it. Not something the average home mechanic would do, however… It’s been widely reported that VDD senior was operating a small carbon repair “business” from his garage.

    Would be nice to finally see some (f)actual evidence by the way. Guess we’ll have to wait for a few more weeks for that. UCI will keep us nice and busy with non-information in the mean time.

    • CLS

      “Having/hiding a motor in your bike is not illegal (in Belgium), not even in a race. This has already been confirmed by the Belgian (sports) authorities. ” – I find that interesting as well as rather disturbing!

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        Cheating at monopoly is also not illegal.

      • Dave

        Moto-doping is not illegal in Australia (unless the motor is over 250W and used on an open road that is not closed for a race, according to road rules and regulations) and neither is traditional pharma doping if the drugs have been acquired legally.

        All that CA and ASADA can do is kick you out of the sport.

    • Diane Lecroy

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  • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

    If it were a 19y/o male athlete…
    Would they be so sure he didn’t act alone?
    I know a few 19y/o who could pull that one off. Modern race bikes are sorta just expensive Lego with oil.
    I think the age based presumption is likely based on entrenched sexism.
    Mentioned as this is atheme this week given the British cycling shit storm with Sutton
    (That said, Given Femke VanD’s family connections collusion is totally possible)

  • Derek Maher

    This seems a strange case of cheating. A spare bike had a motor in it. Question did the riders other bikes have motors, were they checked ?. Did the rider use the motorized bike in the race and was that same bike seen in previous races in which the rider took part ?. Who owned and supplied the said bike . I guess a few people have questions to answer.


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