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  • Neuron1

    Of the 83 DNFs, does anyone know how many were due to crashes, directly or indirectly, and how many were dropped by the pace?

    • zosim

      It’s fairly typical of races which have a pseudo finishing circuit. Riders out of contention who can’t help the team are often pulled out (the World Champs are a perfect example).

    • Dave

      For a one day race, that’s a fairly normal proportion of finishers.

      Despite being 2016, cycling does not officially record the reason for a rider’s retirement or the point at which they retired. You’ll never know the full details because the commissaires don’t record them and the media usually only watches the front of the race.

      The broom wagon usually stays within 10-15 minutes of the back of the peloton in a one day until it gets to the closing stages. The only reason they would have allowed the group at 12:48 to proceed as finishing would have been that they got caught by the broom wagon fairly close to the finish and without time for all the rider numbers to be collected.

      If the UCI rules allowed it, stage races would also cut it off at 15 minutes so they could open the roads more promptly – with eliminated riders given a penalty time and allowed to start the following stage. Even in Europe, many of the locals only grudgingly tolerate the disruption associated with bike races rather than embracing them, and modern management allowing quicker reopening for people to go about their normal business would go a long way to increasing the goodwill towards the races.

  • KJ


  • aradilon

    I liked the performance of Dimitri Claeys, such a strong ride, i’ve seen hi ride strong in the Tour of Belgium last year but this is a step above so good to see someone not much people know. Also i hated seeing Greg going down, don’t know if he could’ve won but he would have been very close! But congratz to Sagan!

    • Kieran Degan

      You could see the passion and emotion in Claeys ride last night. It was a huge effort and a well earned top 10. Cant help to think he could have won if he did his jersey up. Think of all those watts that could have been saved :p

  • J Evans

    Who the imbecilic Carlton Kirby completely ignored for the entire race, whilst incessantly wittering that he thought Greipel could hold on over the Kwaremont and Paterberg. Moron invents his own narrative and then pretends it’s happening. Never tells us what’s actually going on.

    • Kieran Degan

      The Aussie SBS commentary gave Erviti a great wrap, mentioned him constantly. Keeno and Robbie Mc did a tremendous job.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Top finishing American was 61st. Yikes. Time to start putting unreasonable pressure on my 6 year-old son. He’s going to be our only hope.

    • Dave

      Not bad for a country that specialises in stage races.

  • martin

    “It’s always better to drop everybody.”
    Wise words from Sagan after the race.

  • Roger That

    Fantastic to see the two winners – two outstanding riders and World Champions together in that photo. Classic.

  • noob_sauce

    This is the headline! An article by Neal Rogers

  • Oldan Slo

    “The race was marked by several crashes, with pre-race favorites Greg Van Avermaet (BMC Racing) and Tiesj Benoot (Lotto-Soudal) exiting the race in the same incident at 100km to go.”

    Benoot was taken out in the accident with 130km to go.

  • Abdu

    Scott Thwaites (UK) 20th?!

    Looking at his recent results, 10th at KBK, 8th at Dwaars door V, 16th at Omloop, he’s a Classics man, and a pretty good one.

    Time for an interview on him, Shane…?


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