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  • Robin Mainwaring

    Let’s face it, you would have to be a buffoon to want to go to Turkey at the moment. I suspect any prospective “Tour of Egypt” would suffer the same low turnout.

  • Hakan Fondo

    As a turkish, even i concerning to watch event. Tour’s route changes 80 percent also

  • Derek Maher

    Turkey is viewed as a political trouble spot these days. Bombings, A near civil war in the south east. The Syrian conflict with ISIS on its border. The President cracking down on media outlets and the tourist collapse all contribute to a loss of confidence in visiting the country.

  • Did no teams mention a couple of years of ‘superhuman’ results from local riders?

    • Dubonab1ke

      Exactly what I was thinking….

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi Chris, no – no mention. I haven’t heard that is a factor in the current situation.

    • Cornellius Maximilianus

      EPO is ok, Pantani did it Lance did it, you go faster like a race horse, fun to watch


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