Orica-GreenEdge owner Gerry Ryan on Simon Yates’ positive test: ‘It’s never been through the due process’

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Orica-GreenEdge owner Gerry Ryan has expressed disappointment at the handling of Simon Yates’ ‘adverse analytic finding’ for the banned substance Terbutaline, saying he’s frustrated the news was leaked by someone inside British Cycling before due process was completed.

“Three days ago, someone within British Cycling told an Australian friend of mine, that there’s a rider who tested positive,” Ryan told CyclingTips. “I’m disappointed that Simon hasn’t had the opportunity to put his case forward. I’m disappointed at British Cycling to leak that Simon has tested positive before the case has been heard and there hasn’t been a B-sample.”

When I was president of CA [Cycling Australia], myself and the CEO would go through the due process,” Ryan said from Leeds, where Orica-GreenEdge, including Simon’s twin brother Adam, are set to line-up at the Tour of Yorkshire today. “You’ve got to go through the due process and allow the rider to present his case and the statements from the doctor.”

British news outlet the Daily Mail broke the news of Yates’ positive test on Thursday, citing a statement in which British Cycling confirmed it had been notified by the UCI of “a potential anti-doping rule violation against a British rider based on an analysis of a sample provided in competition.” The Daily Mail later named Simon Yates as the rider involved.

The Orica-GreenEdge team has since confirmed Yates’ positive test, saying the substance in question was Terbutaline, a compound used for the treatment of asthma. The substance is banned in competition but riders can obtain a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for its use.

In its statement, Orica-GreenEdge claimed that “there has been no wrongdoing on Simon Yates’ part”, explaining that “the team doctor made an administrative error by failing to apply for the TUE required for the use of this treatment.”

Gerry Ryan told CyclingTips that Yates and the team are currently “going through the process” with the UCI.

“The doctor has given his statement. The rider has given his statement,” Ryan explained. “It’s going to be presented tomorrow.”

Ryan added: “On a positive note, I believe in the culture and the infrastructure we’ve got here [at Orica-GreenEdge]. I’m just disappointed in British Cycling.”

Wade Wallace and Matt de Neef contributed to this report.
Disclosure statement: Gerry Ryan is an investor in Marketplacer.com, CyclingTips’ parent company.

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