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  • muz

    Great article! Amazing he struggled for so long.

  • Sean parker

    What an interesting article. They way I’always been reading cycling media gush over his headsets and BB over the years made me roll my eyes . It’s illuminating to read that the guy is a complete innovator with a back story of hardship and tenacity. Nice also that he is fixated on producing a quality product, not simply for the profit motive, but because he is seriously driven to make good stuff.
    That blue cielo is pretty stunning too.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Really enjoyed this article. The Origins series is a great concept… overnight successes, years in the making.

  • telephunk

    anyone know what brand/model inline seatpost that is on the blue base racer?

  • GrahamWKidd

    Great article – but I’m confused. Did he end up making his own bearings or not? The 2nd and 3 rd para’s after “Going It Alone” heading seem contradictory?

    • James Huang

      King brought bearing production completely in-house once he got his own CNC lathe. I’ll edit that section to make it a little more clear.

  • packfill

    Good article, Jimmy. Is Origins going to be a recurring thing? it should be.

    • James Huang


  • David Bonnett

    Thanks – it’s awesome to learn about the history of companies like this.


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