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  • pedr09

    I like the hunchback. It’s an elegant solution to the transition between head tube and top. This bike is a whole lot prettier than Kittel’s Venge IMO.

  • nicklothian

    *How* much is the custom paint? $4500 seems.. fairly costly?!

    • Yes, their pricing is incorrect. Correct pricing is between $550 and $1900 AUD inc GST depending on complexity. Interestingly, they also have the frameset price incorrect – the correct Australian RRP is $5,999 INC GST (that’s with standard paint obviously).

  • Your pricing for the frameset is incorrect. RRP in Australia for an Altum frameset is $5,999 INC GST.

    You also say: “Pricing for custom paint ranges from US$4,500-5,000, depending on the complexity…” which is also in error (by a wide margin). Custom paint ranges from $550 through to $1900 AUD.

    • I was only given pricing for the US market from Parlee direct, so pricing in AUD is simply a conversion. I saw the lower pricing from one Australian retailer and had trouble believing it. Starting price for custom paint was an unfortunate typo US$450-5,000 where the upper price is for complex original schemes.

      • Yes, I can see that you’ve done a straight conversion. However, the Australian pricing for the Altum frame set is $5,999 (as hard as it is to believe!). The Altum range starts with the Altum R at $4,999 AUD, the Altum Disc at $4,999 AUD and ends with the Altum at $5,999. These prices make the Altum very competitive with other mainstream brands (like the S-works range).

        Paint is quoted in Levels by Parlee – Lvl 1: $550, Lvl 2: $650, Lvl 3: $1,000, Lvl 4: $1,500 and Lvl 5: $1900 (level 5 is complex artwork and airbrushing). Anything over level 5 is on a per-job basis. There is also the option to personalise your Parlee (name on frame), which is charged at $300. All paint pricing quoted here is AUD INC GST.

        As an Australian stockist, I’d be happy to send you through a full 2016 Australian price list – just let me know.

  • Jim

    I have had a Altum Disc now for about 6 months and done about 7000ks. I am very happy with the frame but it did take a bit of getting used to and is certainly harsher to ride than my Giant. The finish and presentation of the frame is great and the bike certainly looks the part. I was very unhappy with the local retailer and had a terrible build and in the end had to take the bike to another shop and get it rebuilt, the only reason i mention this is that Parlee gave me no assistance. Although i am very happy with the Parlee I don’t think i will purchase another one.

    • Hi Jim,

      That’s unusual that you would have had such a bad experience with the local retailer, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope the ride makes up for that negative aspect!

      • Jim

        Thanks Kim. Just to clear things up. My comments were made more about the service from Parlee. I apologise to the Australian retailers. The person i dealt with has recently sold his business, hopefully not to be seen in the cycle industry again.

        • I think I can guess who you’re talking about. I wish I could assure you that what you’ve experienced is truly not representative of Parlee. If you need anything in the future please feel free to let me know, I’d be more than happy to assist you.

  • Con

    I love my Parlee

  • Les

    as usual, great photography. well done.

  • Michael Callaghan

    Thank you for this review, it seems to be the first proper ride review of this frame that is widely available, other than ride reports from various shop owners who won’t be overly critical. I’ve been seriously considering the Altum R, your point regarding comfort differences between the frame sets is exactly what I was looking for. On another note, 854g for a medium size frame, 360g for the uncut fork? That is quite a ways heavier than advertised on their web site, where they state 750g/280g. I find it remarkable that with your lightweight build with SR and Bora 35’s that complete weight was at 6.5kg without pedals and cages. Something to consider, as the Altum R is stated at 810/330g! Thanks for this!


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