Photo gallery: 2016 Paris-Roubaix


You've watched the race live, seen How the Race Was Won, watched the stirring Backstage Pass video and helped us analyse the major themes that came out of Sunday's thrilling edition of Paris-Roubaix.

Now, relive the race once more with this tremendous image gallery from photographer extraordinaire Kristof Ramon. Every image tells a story of the most memorable day of racing so far this year.






































































































































  • Velt

    A Solace! I was wondering if anyone from OGE or IAM used bikes other than the foil

    • claude cat

      “Of the eight riders from ORICA-GreenEDGE who raced Paris-Roubaix, four chose the Solace, two the Addict and two the Foil. “

      • david__g

        In the OGE backstage video didn’t someone joke he’d have won by more if he’d been on the Addict?

  • Roger That

    The third last shot with Boonen – he’s genuinely happy for Hayman. A class act. The second last shot with Hayman – the look on his face is priceless. Terrific shots (as usual).

  • Michele

    Is that a pro or a weekend warrior decked out in IAM kit, putting his chain back on?

    Sieberg in the forest is interesting. Every shot I have seen of him on that stretch of pave shows his right hand on the bar, his left on the hood. Wonder if he did the whole forest like that? When I did the sportive a couple of years back, the Forest was our first sector – and my first experience with pave in this P-R [they are so different to the Ronde’s]. I was on it before I knew what hit me, and I got one hand off the hood onto the bar in time, but, to be honest, I reckon it took me nearly the whole forest to move the other hand. :)

    I love looking at the facial expressions and body language of pros on the cobbles. Compare Fabian with Oss in the forest. Fabian, Sep and Tommeke look at home on the cobbles compared to a few others.

    Great Photos!

  • Eat More Lard

    Is that BMC on the mystery version of the GF that we saw last year with the direct mount brakes? How come that never hit the market (30mm tyre clearance please)? Isn’t there some kind of UCI ruling about manufacturing or selling a min of X number of a raced bike to the marketplace?

  • binotto

    Magnificent photographs Kristof!! Thanks so much.

  • Interesting that Stannard’s podium jersey was generic – no name, nor UK flag. Does Sky often do that, or was it just what was available?

    • Dave

      The soigneurs at the finish won’t always have one for each rider. Boonen’s didn’t have his rainbow cuffs either.

      It’s a bit easier to do right at the normal road races where there’s not the restricted access that applies to the Roubaix velodrome infield.

  • Jorge

    Bonitas imágenes

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